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APPLY Actor : Paid
Male / 33 to 48 years old
APPLY Actor : Paid
Female / 14 to 21 years old

Need parental/legal guardian consent if minor.

APPLY Gaffer/Lighting Technician
APPLY Makeup Artist
APPLY Boom Operator
APPLY Costumer
APPLY Production Assistant
APPLY Best Boy Electric

Assists Gaffer.

APPLY First Assistant Camera

Save This Job Feature teaser

Seeking Actor, Gaffer/Lighting Technician, Makeup Artist and Boom Operator
Location Chicago, Illinois
Status Development
Type Promo
Genre Drama
Job Owner
Date Added Mar 18, 2017
Date Updated Mar 18, 2017
Deadline May 31, 2017
About the job

Hi Stage32 community!

I wrote a feature film named 'Recycle Me' and I'd like to shoot a teaser to promote the project.

'Recycle Me' is a story inspired by my personal experience of battling cancer while being father of a two-year old daughter.


A cancer survivor tries to teach to his young teenage daughter (a silent introvert rebel) to think positive in life and make every day a meaningful day. After being rejected as an organ donor, due to his health history, he decides to write a book where he gathers all his ideas to improve the world. He asks God that if his body can’t be recycled, then to allow his ideas to be recycled in other people’s mind. This is the way he thinks he could still take care of his daughter even after the day he will eventually pass away, improving the world she lives in.


Drama (with a touch of surrealism).

Scene from the script for the teaser

Father-daughter conversation in daughter's bedroom, from Recycle Me script.

Dad: Close your eyes

Daughter: No

Dad: Why not? Are you afraid of closing your eyes?

Daughter: No, I’m not afraid of closing my eyes.

Dad: Then what? Why can’t you close your eyes?

Daughter: Really? I know how to close my eyes. I just don’t want to.

Dad: So is that why? Because you don’t want to?

Daughter: Yes.

Dad: So why did you just close them now?

Daughter: No I didn’t.

Dad: Sure you did. And now… Now… And now again… All I’m asking you… Is to keep them closed a little longer.

Daughter: What’s wrong with you? Leave me alone.

Dad: Choices Chaya… This is what makes us unique. And free. Most of the times we think we are in control over events, but we actually aren’t… We can’t keep our eyes open all the time, Chaya, even if we want to… But we can choose to keep our eyes closed a little longer. Let ourselves go a bit. Connect to the abstract… The one you feel… You know is right. And do your best to bring back your dreams into this world, once you'll open your eyes again. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t close your eyes as long as you need to. Because if you live your life trying to keep your eyes always opened, you’ll really never give this world a chance to improve.

Tech specs This production will use a SONY FS7 + Odyssey monitor for 4K RAW.

Budget There's a micro budget for this production ( $100/$300 per day depending on position)

This teaser is a Non-Union production.

Timeline 1 day of rehearsal (costumes/dialogue) and 1 day of shooting in an indoor location (haven't found it yet). Hopefully before the end of May.

My IMDB profile:

My latest short film For your interest Thank You Rebbe is my latest short film completed in July 2016

Reaching out to the Stage32 community but feel free to contact me also through my website:

Thank you!

Wayne E. Brown

Let me know if you need a "slightly older" (50-70) actor, OK?