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Seeking Crew, Line Producer, Producer and Screenwriter
Location Traverse City, Michigan
Status Development
Job Owner
Date Added Jan 10, 2012
Date Updated Jan 10, 2012
Deadline Jul 10, 2012
About the job
BABYLON 5's Jason Carter is attached to star as an eccentric British detective thrown across space and time to land in a seaside Michigan town where he works as a private investigator looking into the case of a science-based crime. Feature-length. Low-budget; film will be shot in Michigan.
Jerry Seward

PENDRAGON has now become a 3D project. A few weeks ago, I shot a proof-of-concept trailer with Jason in Detroit. Everyone on the cast and crew worked on spec as to give me a chance to make something to use as a selling tool for the project, so that's being edited now. Working on acquiring some funds for a TV movie pilot of this.