A music video - a job post by Andrew Hassenger

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Yurena A de Dios Director
Yurena A de Dios is hired
Producer: Unpaid
Dea Divi Screenwriter
Dea Divi is hired
Animator: Unpaid
Motion Graphic Design: Unpaid
Art Director: Unpaid
Rashid Mahdi Camera Operator
Rashid Mahdi is hired
Larisa Angheloni Concept Artist
Larisa Angheloni is hired
David Nguyen Cinematographer
David Nguyen is hired
Mike DeLisa Concept Artist
Mike DeLisa is hired
Costume Designer: Unpaid
Larisa Angheloni Illustrator
Larisa Angheloni is hired
Jakub Gawlina Musician
Jakub Gawlina is hired
Caterina Campagna Dancer
Caterina Campagna is hired
Jeffrey Wager Cinematographer
Jeffrey Wager is hired
Jakub Gawlina Sound Mixer
Jakub Gawlina is hired
Jakub Gawlina Sound Designer
Jakub Gawlina is hired
Yazmin Dababneh Actor
Yazmin Dababneh is hired
Howard Johnson Storyboard Artist
Howard Johnson is hired
Jakub Gawlina Sound Editor
Jakub Gawlina is hired
Rashid Mahdi Visual Effects Artist
Rashid Mahdi is hired
Sky Copeland Colorist
Sky Copeland is hired
Crafty: Unpaid
Location Manager: Unpaid
Location Scout: Unpaid
Rashid Mahdi Photographer (Still)
Rashid Mahdi is hired
Transportation Coordinator: Unpaid
Production Vehicle Owner: Unpaid
John E. Bias Screenwriter
John E. Bias is hired
Production Coordinator: Unpaid
Rob Director
Rob is hired
Raghav Peri Actor
Raghav Peri is hired
Actor: Unpaid
Jamal Jarrett Musician
Jamal Jarrett is hired
Photographer (Still): Unpaid
Rob Camera Operator
Rob is hired
James Gurney Actor
James Gurney is hired
Doris Chu Screenwriter
Doris Chu is hired

A music video

Seeking Director, Producer, Screenwriter and Animator
Location Saratoga Springs, New York
Status Development
Type Music video
Genre Animation • Fantasy • Film-Noir • Horror • Music • Musical • Sci-Fi
Job Owner
Date Added Oct 5, 2014
Date Updated Feb 10, 2015
Deadline Aug 9, 2015
About the job
Let's make a video. I got music, you got ideas. Want to start from scratch? I'll make new music. Like my existing music? That works too. We can go over-the-top, artistic, psychedelic, anything but mainstream. 
This is a video I shot with no help from anyone. We can do better!

The first video is tentatively set to be directed by Yurena A de Dios from a script by Dea Devi, based on Mike DeLisa's ideas. 
Mike, tell Dea what to write now.  Or maybe we wait for producers.

Any updates??

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