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Location Toronto, Canada
Status Pre-production
Type Feature film
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Date Added Mar 14, 2019
Date Updated Mar 19, 2019
Deadline Mar 24, 2019
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Hello All,

Thank you all for the great submissions.  We have actually been provided with a resource that has steered our story in a specific direction and will now be searching for a screenwriter who can write a police drama for this project.  Please stay tuned for the new job posting, and again thank you everyone for your amazing submissions.

I've recently come across an opportunity to produce an ultra-micro-budget film through a colleague of mine looking to get involved in the film industry.  He's written a script but as anyone not in the industry will do, he wrote a 4 hour Hollywood blockbuster with 30 main characters and it takes place on 20 different planets. lol.  You get it.  

So, we've decided that my production company will provide the resources and gear needed, and my colleague will provide a very modest budget to work with, and we'd like to shoot something in May.

That being said, we need a script.  I'm not particularly looking for someone to write one as timing is short, unless you can write like the wind in a Kansas City Tornado.  Ideally I'd like to hear back from anyone here who has already written a feature length film with any of the following criteria:

- SINGLE location (with maybe 2 other reference locations) 

- Minimum cast (I'd say no more then 5 actors)

- Themes revolving around prejudice and reconciliation (ie, white girl brings home black boyfriend to un-approving father, and fate would have it that the father is dying and only the boyfriends organ/blood will save him).

- Themes of struggle and eventual self sacrifice

- Theme revolving around love... Love being the driving force that pulled through and saved the day

- Theme revolving around how people are judged by their actions but we judge ourselves by our intentions

- Would entertain themes revolving around tragedy, loss, and rebirth/regrowth

- Could potentially entertain something involving a fair amount of VFX (ie environments, so this one location set could be on the moon or mars perhaps... but NOTHING too complicated in that we're limited in set build funds.

- Just as a side note... I happen to have access to a rather large corporate environment.  It used to be a computer database facility, complete with anti-static raised flooring, electrical and data cables running beneath, ceiling tile and fluorescent tube lighting overhead and absolutely NO windows.  It has a very sterile robotics manufacturing plant look and feel to it, and i've always thought it would make for a very interesting one location film set.  just putting that out there in case someone has something that might fit. could make some of these themes fit: 1) trapped in quarantine in a bio-hazard facility, 2) Robot manufacturing plant sabotage mystery where no one can leave the room as they are all suspects, or in danger of exterior hazard.

This project is an exercise in introducing my colleague to the film making process, as well as demonstrating what can be achieved in as far as creative story telling with little to no resources.  Its an excellent opportunity for writers who have never seen their writing come to life on screen, and i'm most open to discussing thoughts and themes.

Interested writers are asked to message me with a logline only, so that i can quickly assess if the resources i have will fit the concept you've written.

Looking to showcase this film at the major film festivals (Cannes, SXSW, Sundance, etc.)

Richard Buzzell

With all the big-budget, high-quality police dramas all over the television landscape, I'm not sure why anyone would be interested in a micro-budget, no-name police drama movie?

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