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Executive Producer and/or Financier

Seeking Financier and Producer
Location Los Angeles, California
Status Pre-production
Type Feature film
Genre Horror • Thriller / Suspense / Mystery
Job Owner
Date Added Dec 27, 2021
Date Updated Jan 6, 2023
Deadline Jul 22, 2023
About the job

My name is Rob Watson, CEO of Damaged Psyche Productions, and I am offering you the opportunity to invest in FRIENDS LIST, a feature film project in the early stages of production. The script has been adapted from my internationally acclaimed novel.

FRIENDS LIST is an elevated psychological horror that has been adapted from the widely acclaimed novel of the same name. Films that are similar to FRIENDS LIST include the following: PSYCHO, DRESSED TO KILL, RAISING CAIN, IDENTITY, and THE UNINVITED.

Logline: A vicious psychopath targets his victims in the order in which they appear on a troubled young woman’s social network’s Friends List.

Production budget: 4.5ml (30 percent base transferable tax credit from Illinois, plus additional 15% of IL labor spend when hiring residents from economically disadvantaged areas. . .$1,350,000 in Soft Money already guaranteed in place).

As per our PPM: Damaged Psyche Productions will set up an escrow account to hold Investor funds. The money stays in the escrow account until the DPP raises the minimum necessary to produce the film. If DPP cannot raise sufficient money, the funds in escrow are returned to the investors. Also, a Completion Bond will be obtained.

Financial Waterfall: Damaged Psyche Productions repays Investors first with the full amount of their actual investment, plus 25% interest, on a pro-rata basis. The back-end Investor's Share is 50% of the total back-end Net Proceeds.

Net Profits: One-half (50%) of all net profits go to the investors, split among them pro-rata, in relation to their investment. The other half (50%) of all net profits go to the producers.

**We're also working to attach an A-list actor who has read the script and has expressed interest in one of the lead roles. The Actor's identity will be revealed only to interested parties only.

**Script, budget, schedules, business plan, pitch deck, (etc.) available upon your request. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Rob Watson, CEO of Damaged Psyche Productions LLC

Quishyra Hester

Hi. What is the overall budget?

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