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The Connection

Seeking Director, Producer, Actor and Director of Photography
Location Chicago, Illinois
Status Development
Type Feature film
Genre Horror • Thriller
Job Owner
Date Added Jan 12, 2018
Date Updated Jun 12, 2018
Deadline Jul 31, 2018
About the job

THE CONNECTION is a fast-paced horror/thriller that will have you jumping and guessing at every FLASH. 

The line between fiction and reality is about to be erased when a college students screenplay becomes a blue print for a series of murders; opening up some unknown secrets within a group of friends and a bloodbath keeps on spiraling while trying to keep everything covered up.

What if everything you knew, everyone you trusted and loved were nothing more than an illusion? A cover-up of a deadly secret so deep that it expanded beyond your front door; that it reached deep into the inner workings of the mind? Putting your very life at risk? For twenty-one-year-old Bob Craven, this was his life, it was normal. 

Bob is an adventurous motivated creative college student living a carefree life.  All he is concerned with is fulfilling his dream of becoming a screenwriter, having a trust loving relationship, fun and partying. That is, until the night when his girlfriend’s best friend goes missing and all hell breaks loose. The turbulent relationship he's lived up 'until now has been nothing more than a lie. Secrets threaten to tear his life in two, so Bob does what he does best, plays the revenge game. But can he stop the blame from being pinpointed on him? With the help of friends, and unexpected classmates, can he fulfill his destiny before it is too late or will the price of trying cost him his life?"

Rocco Cataldo

Hi Robert, I am director based in Chicago and would love to submit my demo reel for your consideration.

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