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Seeking Actor and Script Consultant
Location Grand Canyon, Arizona and Manchester, United Kingdom
Status Development
Type Feature film
Genre Action / Adventure • Adventure • Horror • Sci-Fi
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Date Added Feb 25, 2015
Date Updated Apr 4, 2016
Deadline May 25, 2019
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Please Note: Due to an extremely busy schedule, we will get back to all applicants as soon as we possibly can. Thank you all so far for your interest in Assassin!

Logline & Synopsis

A catastrophic event that sets survivors fighting a new type of enemy. The broken Earth unleashes a gas that has been buried for billions of years, infecting everyone who comes into contact with it. People are deformed, but their intelligence is kept. They are stronger, faster and have one agenda, to dominate the planet.

The Earth passes through a kind of Poison Cloud on it’s rotation around the solar system. This cloud is a mixture of gases and positive electromagnetism. The EM reeks havoc on the earth causing it to become unstable. Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions destroy life as we know it, killing billions. We are basically thrown back into the stone-age. The gasses in the cloud mix with more gasses seeping up from deep within the earth and once mixed, creates a pathogen that the earth hasn’t seen for a few billion years. With no cure for this ancient virus, it’s effects on humanity are devastating, changing anyone that it comes into contact with.

The infected will probably be a type of Zombie, but as mentioned above, they can think, which makes them incredibly dangerous. I want this movie to have a big budget look to it. The concept art you can see on this page is the style I want the movie to look like. As a Visual FX Artist, I can pull this off with Digital Matte Paintings and probably loads of post production work, but I have the time to do this. The concept artwork will probably change as I want a distinctive title logo which I am working on. If we get a lot of funding, then this opens more possibilities and less visual effects.

Keep an eye on this works page for updates. If anyone wants to come on board and help with this project, then please sign up to Stage 32 and join my network. Our Official Facebook page can be found here.

Why is the movie called Assassin?

Each one of the infected has skills. They use these skills to destroy what’s left of humanity. Rather than the typical storyline where Zombies group together in a horde, these infected are self aware, independent and think for themselves. The new pathogen is the catalyst for this movie, the pathogen itself is the assassin. Silent, deadly and waiting for it’s next victim.

The plot is still basically in my head, and thanks to Mindjet MindManager and Adobe Story I will get a better synopsis and the beginnings of a script uploaded soon. I am also looking for writing collaborators, if anyone is interested, get in touch here:

Any questions or ideas?

Let me know on the project page. I’m very open to new ideas and concepts. So far, all the ideas are my own and I have already begun to design concept artwork (as you can see on this page) for the look and feel of the movie (as that’s how I work, I’m very visual) and I’m still developing the plot and building characters. Anyone willing to offer ideas for this project would be welcomed. Two or more heads are better than one. A full list of the crew I’m looking for can be found on the Project site.

Ayush Agrawal

~ Ayush agrawal profile for main lead ~

Name -: ayush agrawal

Email id -:

Language spoken -: Hindi, English

Height :- 5'10"​

Age -: 22 years

Mobile no. -: 8291322337

Alt no. -: 7869053092

current City -: mumbai

Hometown -: Ujjain (m.p.)

Colour -: fair

Passport -: yes

Work experience -: RJ AT DREAM FM 106 FOR THE LOVE OF MUSIC,

I had given my voice for indian gas agency

Done 2 regional films,

I had done 2 short films

Currently I had done he deodrand aid for YouTube.

I got shortlisted for coco cola aid as a main lead

I also got shortlisted for Jupiter tvc aid

I got shortlisted for album as a main lead

I also get selected by balaji for chandranandini but I dint sign the contract now because I am looking for Main lead only

Current signed a Hollywood movie which is an upcoming untitled indiana Jones movie

Printshoot -: yes

Modeling -: yes

Serial -: yes as a main lead

Movie -: yes as a main lead

Album -: yes as a main lead

Advertisement- : yes as a main lead

Dance -: yes

Swimming- : yes

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