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We Have Songs That Need Videos

Seeking Content Creator, Filmmaker, Animator and Videographer
Location San Francisco, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York City, New York
Status Development
Type Music video
Genre Music
Job Owner
Date Added Jun 2, 2016
Date Updated Aug 10, 2017
Deadline Jan 31, 2018
About the job

NOTE: The location is wherever you are located.  Philadelphia is where our office is located.  Also, we allow you to pick from any songs in our catalog and there can be more than one video per song.

We give 100% CREATIVE CONTROL to independent filmmakers, animators, and videographers who want to collaborate with us to create music videos for the musicians who have songs in our catalog.

We have songs (and instrumental compositions) that need video. You will be given the master-quality audio file, the Moozikoo logo, and the artist information to be used on the video that you create.

Videos will be part of the Moozikoo YouTube channel and monies earned from Google for any pay period in which we meet their payment threshold, will be divided up between you (35%), the sound recording licensor (35%), and Moozikoo (30%).

Contact us through the website ( anytime if you have questions or are interested in creating a video.

Tony Bates

Sorry Cherelynn, bad link on my part. Here is the link to our music library -​ and we do keep it up to date as we add new songs and instrumentals.

Here are a few ways we can proceed:
1. You can listen at your leisure if you like, and if there's a track that catches your attention, just let us know.
2. Another option is to give us some feedback into what you're interested in creating or just an idea that you might have, and we'll try to match it up with something for you to consider.
3. We can always give you a song and an idea and let you alter it, trash it, or reject it completely.

We do have an agreement that we use that outlines the percentages for Video Creators (35%) as well as Music Licensors (35%). After we have a title that you are interested in using, we will send the agreement to you and we will need the signed agreement in hand before any video can be uploaded.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime Thank You!

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