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Voice Actor: Paid

Voice Actors for narrative video game

Seeking Voice Actor
Location Gent, Belgium
Status Production
Type Voiceover
Genre Action / Adventure • Thriller / Suspense / Mystery • Female-driven • Indie
Job Owner
Date Added Jun 17, 2019
Date Updated Jun 19, 2019
Deadline Jun 24, 2019
About the job

We're looking for 4 voice actors for our new video game Ghost on the Shore.

Josh, the male lead - early twenties, British farmer boy. 

We'd love to have the actor in our studio in Gent, Belgium, so we prefer actors living in England. We'll pay for the trip across the Channel.

Nora - American, early twenties, upper-class. -- Home recording.

Callum - American, early twenties, rough, farmer. -- Home recording.

Archie - older voice, American, farmer. -- Home recording

If you want to apply for Josh or Nora, please read and record their lines, and send it to us:


For the lines, please go to Google drive:


The lines for Callum and Archie will be added on Friday. Thank you.

This is us: www.LikeCharlie.com, twitter: @LCharlieGames.

This is Ghost on the Shore:

Craving adventure a young woman, Riley, escapes her abusive father to sail a rickety boat across the high seas. When one night a storm forces her to drop anchor at the deserted Rogue Islands, she encounters the ghost of Josh, dead for as long as he can remember. He gets trapped inside Riley’s head and is unable to let go until she helps him remember his life. And death. To make it out without losing her mind, Riley will have to uncover the darkest secrets of the islands.

Ghost on the Shore is a short story exploration game where you play as Riley in the first person. As you explore the Rogue Islands on foot and by boat, you have plenty of time to talk to Josh and get to know him. In these dialogues you make irrevocable choices that shape the bond you’re creating, which will ultimately influence the outcome of the game.

As a team you and Josh discover the old islanders’ belongings and the stories behind them. You collect objects, or you sketch them in a notebook. These clues can be pinned on the investigation wall in Riley’s boat, and as you put these pieces together, you uncover new stories, new characters and new clues.

Through environmental storytelling you get a specific sense of what life was like on these islands before people started leaving. Searching the landscape will lead you to hidden traces in the damp ground, that trigger flashbacks to Josh’s time and reveal his long forgotten memories.

As Riley puts it all togehter, she comes to understand how a family’s history led to Josh’ tragic death.  


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