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Save This Job Looking for solid finished short scripts <15

Seeking Screenwriter
Location Dallas, Texas
Status Development
Type Short film
Genre All genres, all formats.
Job Owner
Date Added May 17, 2017
Date Updated May 17, 2017
Deadline Jun 1, 2017
About the job

Multiple Award-Winning Production Company is looking for a solid short story, preferably under 15 mins, to shoot this Summer. A strong message or current topic would carry weight but also open to a strong horror or comedy piece.

This will be shot and completed during the Summer, with the intention of entering various festivals.  An ideal situation would be partnering with someone who has shelved a really strong story or just hasn't been able to have it made yet but wants to see it on the screen.

Will send interested writers the links to our recent trailers.

Phil Richards

Hi Colton,
I have two shorts you might be interested in:

Dog Hungry (14 pages)
When a small-time crook agrees to help a bounty hunter deliver a drug dealer to an LA gang he crossed, his greed gets the better of him, jeopardizing his chance at a big score.

Crawlspace (13 pages)
When a home inspector stumbles upon a body buried in a crawlspace, he’s trapped there by the killer. The hapless inspector has to escape or become the next corpse hidden under the house.

If you'd like to see synopses/scripts, please email me at