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Save This Job Untitled Documentary

Seeking Actor, 3D Animator, Attorney (Non-Entertainment) and Crew
Location Orlando, Florida
Status Pre-production
Type Documentary
Genre Documentary
Job Owner
Date Added Mar 18, 2017
Date Updated Mar 18, 2017
Deadline Sep 18, 2017
About the job

Justine Renee goes worldwide to unveil lifes mystery---if thats even possible. 

A filmmaker trying to uncover the truth- will she find anything that leads to an answer of "why we are here?" 

looking to interview ALL types of people. Whats your story? why do you think we are here? 

most interviews will be in florida area and expand throughout the year... 

Everything will be on site as Documentaries aren't "staged locations" so please be comfortable with sharing who you are, in your space whether your a surfer, athlete, doctor, actor, etc. 

Please note what your mission in life is, why i should interview you, and if your comfortable with filming requirements. 

Interview will be based on what you believe is the purpose for life? I will film you doing your thing--- working, surfing, cooking, whatever it is that makes your life purposeful... I want to know!

Sai Pillay

Justine....Good Luck..From India..