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APPLY Director

Must have real experience with film-making and directed at least one feature film. Also not mind shooting on location or working with child actors. Also, if you're a director who happens to know an indie film producer, or even work for an independent production company please let me know.

APPLY Producer

Must have produced at least one or more independent feature films, have their own film studio or production company as well, and be willing to purchase the script.

APPLY Distributor

Must have distributed at least one or more independent films.

APPLY Financier

Must have financed at least one or more independent films. The budget for this film should probably be around $20,000 or more.

Save This Job Director & Producer Wanted

Seeking Director, Producer, Distributor and Financier
Location Los Angeles, California, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New York City, New York
Status Development
Type Feature film
Genre Drama
Job Owner
Date Added Jul 6, 2016
Date Updated May 19, 2017
Deadline Nov 6, 2017
About the job

Hi, my name is Nick Romantini, and I'm a young and aspiring screenwriter from New Jersey. I'm currently seeking an independent filmmaker to direct and an independent film producer to purchase and produce a coming-of-age drama that I wrote called What We Did This Summer, which you can read here (Also, please consider reading the script first before applying for the job of director.):

Pitch for the film (for the producer):

Storyline for the film:

I am also seeking a financier and a distributor as well.

The film, which is set in the mid-1990's, tells the story of three 12 year-old boys who, during a week long camping trip in the woods near their home, end up getting lost in the uncharted part of it and are forced to put aside their personal differences and rely on each other to get out of there. Along the way, the boys learn about friendship, survival, and growing up. It's mostly inspired by the famous coming-of-age films from the 1980's such as Stand By Me and The Breakfast Club.

If you are interested in both directing and producing the script, then please e-mail at Thanks!

Mary Rachel Gardner

I applied for both the Director and Producer roles, but I am open to either one so if you see me twice that is why (just wanted to give the heads up) Feel free to let me know where you best think I will fit!