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Producer, Agent, Manager and Crew wanted

Seeking Producer, Line Producer, Crew and Agent
Location Los Angeles, California, Hollywood, California, Burbank, California and Universal City, California
Status Development
Type Television
Genre Drama
Job Owner
Date Added Oct 30, 2020
Date Updated Oct 30, 2020
Deadline Apr 30, 2021
About the job

I am looking for the producers, agent, manager and crew for these live television recreations of seven hugely successful stage plays by Tennessee Williams - ''The Rose Tattoo'', ''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'', ''Summer & Smoke'', ''A Streetcar Named Desire'', ''The Glass Menagerie'', ''Sweet Bird of Youth'' and ''The Night of the Iguana''.

I have been adapting these seven plays into the live television films but I'm busy working on these.

There are the plot outlines for these seven films and it goes like this:

''The Glass Menagerie'' - A son longs to escape from his stifling home, where his genteel mother worries about the future prospects of his lame, shy sister.

''A Streetcar Named Desire'' - As Blanche's fragile world crumbles, she turns to her sister Stella for solace - but her downward spiral brings her face to face with the brutal, unforgiving Stanley Kowalski.

''The Rose Tattoo'' - An Italian-American neighborhood in Louisiana is disturbed when truck driver Rosario Delle Rose is killed by police while smuggling. His buxom widow Serafina miscarries, then over a period of years draws more and more into herself, trying to force her lovely teenaged daughter Rosa to do likewise. On one eventful day, Rose finally breaks away; Serafina learns of Rosario's affair with another woman; and a new carefree, handsome Italian truck driver enters her life...

''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof''- Brick, the son of a rich southern plantation owner, is drinking himself to death over some hidden pain. His wife Maggie is desperate to regain his love. Brick's father, known as Big Daddy, has returned from a clinic where he has gone for serious health issues, but has been told he has a clean bill of health. Brick's brother and his scheming wife have hopes of inheriting the huge plantation. Eventually a long conversation between Brick and his father bring out all the lies that have been tearing the family apart.

''Summer & Smoke'' - Since childhood, spinster Alma Winemiller has loved handsome young Dr. John Buchanan, Jr.. But John has fallen hard for Rosa Zacharias, the town's sultry vamp, and descends into a seamy nightlife while ignoring Alma's dreams of romance and possible marriage.

''Sweet Bird of Youth'' - Self-professed to be from the wrong side of the tracks from St. Cloud, Florida, Chance Wayne loves Heavenly Finley, the daughter of wealthy 'Boss' Thomas J. Finley, a corrupt and ruthless politician who rules the town. Thomas does whatever he needs to to break the two up, and manages to run Chance out of town. An aspiring actor, Chance rolls back into St. Cloud with temperamental and drunken Alexandra Del Lago, a once great movie actress whose star has since faded. Picking her up at a party, Chance sees Alexandra as his professional meal ticket. Chance is back in St. Cloud to try and get back together with Heavenly, who still loves Chance but will not cross her powerful father if only to save Chance. Boss wants to run Chance out of town again, but it will be a little more difficult this time if only because of the notoriety of Miss Del Lago. The fortunes of all involved may hinge on some secret information concerning Chance and Heavenly.

''The Night of the Iguana'' - When American minister Reverend T. Lawrence Shannon is expelled from his Virginia church, he travels to Mexico in search of his destiny and sanity. There he becomes a tour guide for a bus load of spinsters and a teenage nymphet named Charlotte Goodall, who is being chaperoned by the group's leader, the inflexible Judith Fellowes. Miss Fellowes, who is quite jealous of Charlotte's attentions to Shannon, discovers the young woman in his room and vows to have him fired. To thwart her plot, Shannon takes control of the bus from Hank, the bus driver, and speeds the tour group on a wild ride through the Mexican jungle to the crumbling, secluded hotel of an old friend, the recently widowed Maxine Falk. Eventually Shannon becomes enamored with another guest at the hotel, the rather genteel Hannah Jelkes, an itinerant quick sketch artist and her poet grandfather Nonno. As the wise Hanna partially restores Shannon's fractured world, Shannon struggles to get back the rest of his sanity and his self-respect.

The rights of these films are with these studios - ''The Rose Tattoo'' and ''Summer & Smoke'' is with Paramount, ''The Glass Menagerie'' and ''A Streetcar Named Desire'' is with Warner Bros. and ''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'', ''Sweet Bird of Youth'' and ''The Night of the Iguana'' is with MGM.

We would like Paramount Television Studios to come on board to co-finance ''The Rose Tattoo'' and ''Summer & Smoke'', Warner Bros. Television to come on board to co-finance ''The Glass Menagerie'' and ''A Streetcar Named Desire'' and MGM/UA Television to co-finance ''Cat on a Hot Tin Roof'', ''Sweet Bird of Youth'' and ''The Night of the Iguana''.

These will be taped live without a live studio audience from next year at various sound stages in Hollywood in California in the United States.

It's set to broadcast on one of leading internet television services of your choice or as well the cable or broadcast television network of your choice on the anniversary of Tennessee Williams's birth in 2021.

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Yeah, you have some serious copyright issues to address here before you put any more time into this.

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