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Scriptwriter Wanted

Seeking Screenwriter
Location London, England and Los Angeles, California
Status Development
Type Television
Genre Drama • Television
Job Owner
Date Added Nov 20, 2019
Date Updated Nov 20, 2019
Deadline May 20, 2020
About the job

I am looking for a scriptwriter to write the script of six hour feature length television dramedy mini-series based on my idea which is aimed for the young adult friendly market.

The title will be called 'Talking Trash'.

It's been in works for a while and it goes like this:

After their parents and their friends killed in an automobile accident in Southampton two orphaned siblings Charlie and Samantha left alone in their family home in Chingford with their dog, their belongings and lots of money belong to their parents.

They have no choice to decide if it would be the best for them to stay in that house or find somewhere to go and live there for the rest of their lives.

They thought it would be the best way for them to steal all of their parents's money, send their dog away to their neighbors and leave the country for good.

But some days later the landlord knocks on their door and tells them to kick out of their family house.

Once they got kicked out they give their dog to their neighbors and head to Charlie's friend Oliver's house and to stay there for a short period of time.

But shortly after Charlie won the unexpected jackpot on the hit TV show 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' he, Oliver and Samantha leave the UK for good and head to the destination that they'll ever forget for the rest of their lives forever and eventually they call the place a home: Ibiza.

Throughout their time in Ibiza Charlie and Oliver come face to face with the local girls they haven't met before as they set to become DJ's and the people partied very hard while Samantha works successfully as the barmaid in the local bar and falls in love with a handsome young bartender who believes in her.

What do you think?

It's very funny and better as always good but I thought you are the right contender to write the six hour teleplay of the wicked but brilliantly funny comedy drama in the style of late great John Hughes.

You have got six weeks to write the script based on my idea and it needs to be done by Christmas.

Production will take place in the UK and Ibiza next summer with the cast of well known leading actors of our generation and well known leading director.

The soundtrack will be full of 1990's Britpop and later Ibiza dancefloor tunes but we need a composer to underscore some original instrumental elements of the soundtrack for each episode.

Please apply if you are interested.

Michael Ellis

It sounds like a good idea, there's plenty of scope for funny episodes, but do you have any finance and who are the leading actors? It may be better to make a short showcasing the idea first. Even a newish writer like me, desperate for a break, wouldn't commit to such a workload. It sounds like 'The Inbetweeners'

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