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Location Los Angeles, California
Status Pre-production
Type Episodic
Genre Action • Crime • Drama • Mystery • Thriller
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Date Added Aug 1, 2017
Date Updated Nov 24, 2017
Deadline Feb 1, 2018
About the job


A one-hour, single-camera action, crime, mystery, thriller, drama series adapted from these four novels:

Privilege, Tinseltown Deception, Another Agenda, and Secret Circle


John Waters and Bud Stigall

            Set in Southern California in current day, Westmore Justice centers around Grant Westmore, a former LAPD detective-turned-Beverly Hills-private-investigator, and his unorthodox crew, who thrive on often media-frenzied cases outside the purview of local or federal law enforcement.

Franchise Plot Summary 

            At times blurring the line between legal right and wrong, Westmore Justice takes a fresh approach to crime solving by fitting the many jagged fragments of the case into a single, appalling truth from “outside-into-the-squad-room," as commonly known within law enforcement circles.

            As the clues unfold, and the series progresses from one fiendish high-profile murder, white collar crime or deceptive scheme to the next, Grant goes with gut intuition and hunches, and not by standard police procedures to find out exactly what’s going on.

            Grant teeters on the “thin blue line” in identifying and following the most insignificant events and clues in a case that are normally missed by law enforcement in their typical investigation.  Grant’s crew puts themselves in a victim’s shoes, while simultaneously thinking like a criminal or a murderer.  They know that to catch a killer, they have to think like a killer.

            Unwilling to settle for anything but the truth, Grant and his team, Marlene Wilson, Carmela Gambini and Jake Baldwin, are no strangers to wrestling problems and their perpetrators head-on.  While they always prevail against swelling and unsettling evidence to the contrary by solving the “how” and “why” of a case, they will yank you from the edge of your seat, while keeping your eyes glued to your television screen.

            Grant is known to make you laugh, to make you cry as he tugs at your emotions, and other times to make you scratch your head as you wonder: “Just how the hell did Grant figure that out.”

General Summary of Series 

            Westmore Justice was inspired by current events in national news, pop culture and the ever-evolving technology world.  As such, Westmore Justice offers an ideal medium to explore the “who” and “what” is behind these stories and topics, which folks of any age, walk of life, ethnic background, and country origin are talking about around office watercoolers, over happy hour drinks, and at parties, sporting events and neighborhood barbeques.

            Westmore Justice will be serialized with an ongoing plotline for each whole season.  Each episode in Westmore Justice will end with an event or development in the case that entices the viewer to watch the following episode to find out what happens next.  Every week there will be a new problem to solve or clues to connect that are similar to the previous week’s problem or clues, yet not quite the same.

            The Westmore Justice Second Edition novels are available worldwide at Barnes & Noble and Amazon in paperback and hardcover, and digitally on Nook, Kindle and Apple iBooks.  And of course, at neighborhood bookstores and booksellers such as Target and Wal-Mart.

            From the sunny beaches of Malibu, California, to the corridors of power in Washington, DC, the first four novels in Westmore Justice are truly ideal for the first four seasons of an episodic television action/crime/drama franchise. 

            The Website for the novels is:

About the Writers (Treatments & Novels)

            Over the years John Waters has researched countless “white collar” crime cases and written thousands of pages of support material for his close associate, the late Charles Evans, and his private investigation agency in Los Angeles, which performed successful investigations for such notable attorneys as Leslie Abramson, Michael Zimbert and the late Johnnie Cochran.

            During the last three decades, John has written several successful True Crime books under various pen names.  A few years ago, he published Bonded Thru Injustice, a novel inspired by the true story of Orange County’s (California) first federal murder trial.

            Since completing Bonded Thru Injustice, he’s been working on developing the Westmore Justice Franchise with his close associate and occasional golf buddy, Bud Stigall.

            After 23 years of service, Bud Stigall (collaborator) retired from the LAPD, his last 15 years as a homicide detective with the highest rank of Detective III.

            While with the LAPD, Bud was involved in the Charles Manson Case, the Skid-Row Stabber, the Hillside Strangler, the Clifton Cafeteria murder, and many others.

Series Recurring Cast

Grant Westmore (44)

            They broke the mold with Grant Westmore, a well-manicured, charismatic, chiseled-faced private investigator.  Principled and sophisticated, tenacious and brilliant, Grant takes risks for a living.  An irrefutable master at playing intricate cat-and-mouse games with the guilty, Grant is tough, a natural competitor, and a born leader who cares and is sensitive about each case.  He invents his own rules and is, at times, rather merciless about it.

             Retired from “the Job” nearly a decade ago, Grant thrives on justice more than he does on going by the book.  Known not to accept unanswered questions or uncertain clues, Grant always forges ahead until each detail comes together into the unvarnished truth.

             His clients and colleagues respect the fact that Grant only wields his enviable clout in the City of Angels when necessary to further his steadfast belief in the guilt or innocence of all parties in the case.  Deeply respected by his peers, everyone feels Grant’s presence when he walks into a room full of people, without him saying even one word.

             In Grant’s world, the conclusion to a great week is solving the unsolvable case, and then celebrating with a round of golf at his West Los Angeles country club with a fine cigar and a double-on-the-rocks single malt scotch in his personal golf cart.

Marlene Wilson (39)

            The dream girl of private investigators, Marlene Wilson is easily mistaken for a high fashion model or a Hollywood celebrity.  This sultry, mid-thirty, super sleuth quit the LAPD when Grant offered to triple her salary to provide his agency with the needed mortar in the areas of interrogation, surveillance and technology.

             Marlene, Grant’s loyal and most trusted assistant investigator, is a bright and ambitious “just the facts” sort of woman who thinks on her feet in tight situations, and readily takes on tasks others would never attempt.

             Sincere, warm and sensitive, Marlene marvels others with her scarily brilliant mind in her relentless quest to uncover the truth.

             Although Grant often teases her about how her marriage proposals arrive in mail bags, Marlene is a flirt, yet not flirtatious.

             If it weren’t for her career, Marlene could spend her days shopping for stiletto heels and driving flashy fast cars.

Carmela Gambini (42)

             A former New York deputy district attorney, Carmela Gambini is Grant’s effervescent, yet seductive long-time girlfriend who is always there in case Grant and Marlene find themselves in a legal pinch, which occurs quite often.  Carmela has been around the block more than a few times, and she doesn’t think much can surprise her anymore, but working with Grant she’s usually wrong. 

             This self-assured and conscientious attorney is now in private practice in L.A. representing the same sort of people she had spent nearly a decade trying to put behind bars. Much to the dismay of her Soprano-like relatives, Carmela personifies the highest ethical and moral standards, outwitting some of the best legal minds in Los Angeles.

             Trying her best to maintain a professional aura, this loving, faithful, and downright sexy Italian princess even consulted a speech specialist when she arrived in L.A. to eliminate her New York accent.  Her zany personality is another story.

             If Carmela has any flaws, her erratic temper would rank high, as would her 40 handicap in golf.  And her insatiable need to be the consummate Italian cook by serving up what she considers to be a perfectly balanced meal — a slice of everything-on-it pizza in one hand and a heaping plate of pasta in the other, and a bottle of fine wine under her arm.

Jake Baldwin (47)

             Jake Baldwin is an active LAPD detective with a sacred loyalty to his ex-partner on the Job, Grant Westmore.

             Sometimes short on imagination in detective work, but long on bulldog tenacity during an investigation, Jake continues to be a valued confidant to Grant at times when there is nobody else to turn to for inside information and access to the path to cross the “thin blue line.”

            Whenever Grant insists that it’s not going to hurt anybody to bend the rules, Jake always replies by saying that his job could be on the line.  Grant’s stock response is that he’d hire Jake if his peckerwood captain gives him any shit.

            Now a widower after his wife was killed when a car Jake was driving was t-boned by a drunk driver, Jake pours every waking minute into his job in the Robbery-Homicide Division.

             When not on active duty, Jake is known to favor a day at the race track with his skirt-chasing, cigar-smoking, bourbon-drinking buddy Don Packard, the Los Angeles County Coroner.


What if: Grant Westmore discovers a ripped-from-the-headlines slice into the ever-evolving, and sometimes finicky, world of privilege, where reality is pushed to the point of no return, and some stars go to jail, some die from their excesses, and some merely fade away.


What if: a love triangle goes bad on the movie set of Secret Desires when a determined killer prowling Crystal Dreams Pictures brutally murders two Academy-Award-Winning stars.


What if: the evil activities of a self-appointed and pontifical influential cabal, driven by power and greed, surreptitiously operated for decades completely above the law.


What if: GRANT WESTMORE discovers a secret brotherhood operating under the color of authority within the highest level of the federal government, but not before Grant himself becomes the target of the secret circle that will use all their power to stop him — dead.


            The treatments for the first four seasons are available upon request.

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