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Elisabeth Meier Screenwriter
Elisabeth Meier is hired
Aleksandar Zavisin Sound Designer
Aleksandar Zavisin is hired
Financier: Unpaid
Producer: Unpaid
Tobias Dodt Director of Photography
Tobias Dodt is hired
Storyboard Artist: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid
Actor: Unpaid

Chronicle of birds chanting

Seeking Screenwriter, Sound Designer, Financier and Producer
Location Považská Bystrica, Slovakia
Status Pre-production
Type Short film
Genre Drama
Job Owner
Date Added Oct 2, 2017
Date Updated Oct 10, 2017
Deadline Nov 11, 2017
About the job

Hi guys, I have one script, from which I would like to make a short film. Script needs to be improved - finished, so for now it could by taken just as a basic idea.

Main idea of film is about the stagnation, or decision to start the journey. "steps to the distance" based on story of one Slovakian writer. Film should be portrayed through surrealism. Nature, colors, images, sounds and music.

Here is author text:

"Are those, who have already said everything to each other, condemned to silence?

The storm of words that never makes it to the surface, vibrating roars inside of souls, shakings in the core of the heart.

Until river currents blow them out to the surface, with a sublime bright red energy beam, breaking up emotional bonds, dreams and mornings spent together into a delicate fall of burnt pieces of evasive moments...

This is one of the solutions.

The second, the difficult one, because it goes against the current of indifference, is to get the most out of yourself.

In the sky-blue morning-born mist, leaning against the wheels of destiny and pushing until temple veins swell, until blood roaring in the ears crushes out other sounds and drowns out illusion voices of own perfection, arrogance and belief in achieving everything.

Beliefs, which were never truthful, but only an illusion of youth, running out as an ink stain from a forgotten pen at the rocky lakefront.

Let’s choose the path and once we are on it, when there will be the sound of grass and grass blades flickering under the shoe steps, so enormously big for ants and their kingdom, let’s not doubt the justice.

et’s not dilute determination with multiple options as we do with wine, with ordinary water of thousands of decisions, which we could have done but we haven’t. Let’s not take away force and determination from us, so our steps don’t lose their rhythm and our life has a mission. Let’s take our paths. Life is about an unfree choice of a freely path.

But the steps we take, they are ours... "

Antonio Carmona

Hi Jackub, i like your project, so... It has to be from europe?

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