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ABIEYUWA - Hoping To Option The Film Right

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Location Hollywood, California
Genre Action / Adventure • Female-driven • African-American market • Action • Adventure • Filmmaker/Director
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Date Added Dec 20, 2022
Date Updated Dec 20, 2022
Deadline Jun 20, 2023
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Hi friends!

Okay, I wrote this historic adventure, an epic classic set in an ancient African kingdom. The title is 'ABIEYUWA', first published in 2012, reviewed and republished in October, 2020. The story is 'superb' and a 'sure material for the screens', quoting from one of my excited reviewers.

Abieyuwa is an action-packed story with seemingly unending, riveting conflicts, intense plot, rich dialogues and endearing characters viewers will care so much about. It will be a fast-paced epic adventure that will, hopefully, reaffirm the feats achieved by the likes of ‘Woman King’ and ‘Black Panther’, for its storyline is in tune with these, but absolutely original and different.


"When the fate of a mighty kingdom rests on the shoulders of a noble warrior, a baby king and a great Amazon, the stage is set for an epic encounter between the vices of greed and ambition against the virtues of loyalty, courage and justice – on these lies the hope of a people."

A mighty battle is won, another victory song for OZIEGBE the great warrior to take back home. But a STRANGE ENCOUNTER with the elusive OBOH unearths his deep-seated ambition known to him alone. Armed with the Oboh’s PROPHECY as his perfect excuse and supported by his STRONG ALLIES, Oziegbe perpetrates a SACRILEGIOUS deed, a venture that throws the entire kingdom into DARKNESS and forces another mighty warrior of the land, ABIEYUWA, to flee with the HEIR APPARENT – a baby king.

Decades roll by as the people groan under the tyranny of Oziegbe, who builds an even stronger army including an EVIL SORCERER. Abieyuwa the great Amazon GROOMS a new army in a foreign land with the baby king now a young warrior, determined to return to their fatherland and confront Oziegbe with his stronger forces and his evil sorcerer. How far can they go?

I just completed a Pitch Deck that visually outline the story sequence, capturing most of the highlights of the would-be movie when produced. The highlights of the story is bountiful. Abieyuwa is one that is sure to cause a huge stir in the movie world when produced. A look at the pitch deck will confirm this. The e-book is also available in PDF.

So, if you will like to learn more, get across so we can talk.

Cheers and happy holidays!

Susan Majek

Hi. I'd like to know more about this film. Thanks.

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