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Seeking Financier
Location Los Angeles, California
Status Production
Type Episodic
Genre Animation • Comedy • Family • Television
Job Owner
Date Added Feb 10, 2020
Date Updated Feb 10, 2020
Deadline Mar 31, 2020
About the job

Thanks in advance for your interest. If you would like to see the full brief, please message me and I would be happy to forward it to you. Below is the overview of the project.

Family-Friendly Content (FFC) is the perfect medium due to it explosive popularity, “global acceptance” factor and instant acceptance among the target demographic, the international popularity and universal awareness of the Computer Generated (CG) genre allows for the successful monetization of the content we are producing.

Zombie Dog’s Production Initiative

Having completed 2 rounds of fundraising, Zombie Dog Productions (Zombie Dog) is now looking to continue further building the brand through the co-production and completion of the first 12 episodes for the television/svod series.


Zombie Dog is producing Season One, These 22 minute Family Friendly episodes target both boys and girls ages 6 to 11 based on competition target market demographics in North America. In particular Zombie Dog is focused on producing family content that appeals to anime, comic, sci-fi, fantasy, and video gaming fans as these groups have heavy overlap. Zombie Dog is a adventure-comedy driven by family friendly concepts mixed with sci-fi themes at an MPAA rating of PG or TV-G or lower.

Current Production Status

As of February 2020, Zombie Dog’s production team has fully scripted and animated 7 teaser animations, scripted and story boarded first pilot episode, and all the main character introductions. Zombie Dog’s production team has also laid out the scripts for Episode 02 and 03 with an outline for Episode 04 and the outline for the next 8 episodes of the season to follow. Currently rendering tests of Episode 01 and working on editing and production. Expected completion time is Fall 2020.

Log Line

The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming! In fact, they’re moving in next door. Though the Walker family claims to be vegan and “safe”, their new neighbors (led by a legendary ex-zombie hunter) aren’t buying it. Even stranger, the Walkers’ pet dog, JJ, is a zombie too! And he’s no vegetarian…

Season 1 Intro

One night, right before Halloween, a family of Zombies (the Walkers) moves into the terrified neighborhood! Though they claim to be vegan and therefore “safe”, the neighbors (led by a legendary ex-Zombie Hunter, Stella), aren’t buying it. Even worse, the Walker family’s dog, JJ, is a Zombie too! And he’s no vegetarian. Unfortunately, as soon as the Walkers are finally making friends, Stella’s zombie trap catapults little Gigi Walker and her human friend Izzie over the wall and into the Dead States! Stella, JJ, and Gigi’s dad, Ed, track the girls as they all face many dangers. Everyone is finally reunited at the old Walker family home –where they first became zombies. After escaping from wild Ravenous zombies and encountering many mysterious locations and foes, the Walkers eventually fight their way to the Zombie Wall Gate…only to find the townspeople protesting on the other side of the wall! But it’s Izzie breaking through to hug her friend, Gigi, who changes the minds of the mob, allowing the Walkers to finally return home.

Thank you,

The Adventures Of Zombie Dog

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S Christensen

Not directly yet. But the seems like an opportunity to get a buyer.

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