Na'gol - the priestess - a job post by Leslie Dapwatda

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APPLY Actor : Paid
Female / 35 to 55 years old

Should pass for a young looking classy 55 year old, or could pass for that age. Carmen is a sweet educated caucasian lady from an affluent family. She is Brian's sister who he obsesses with. She has a son with the love of her life that was deported because of her brothers obsession with her. She is timid now but would find her self and come to her own. This is a non Union Production

APPLY Actor : Paid
Male / 45 to 60 years old

Dr Deville id Brians spiritual guru and confessor. Although works with Brian to fulfill his agenda, Deville's secret obsession is with immortality. A dark evil man that would go to any length to achieve both his and Brians goal. This is a Non Union production

APPLY Actor : Paid
Male / 55 to 70 years old

James Hatfield is Brian and Carmen's father. Because of his pure heart and good nature he refuses to be a part of what Brian is doing. Brian had edged him out of the family business and James is just there but never involved with anything the family does. This is a non Union Production

NA'GOL - The Priestess

Seeking Actor
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Status Pre-production
Type Episodic
Genre Fantasy
Job Owner
Date Added Apr 5, 2021
Date Updated Apr 5, 2021
Deadline Apr 30, 2021
About the job

Brian's goal is to take over the world, but he has to defeat the Priestess and her team or die trying. 

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