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Must be a fan of SCIENCE FICTION! Must also be have some experience in developing Film Franchises.

Creative Consultant

Seeking Screenwriter
Location Los Angeles, California
Status Development
Type Episodic
Genre Action / Adventure • Sci-Fi
Job Owner
Date Added Oct 6, 2019
Date Updated Oct 6, 2019
Deadline Apr 6, 2020
About the job

My screenplay MARS GENERAL is on my Profile Page along with the Logline and Synopsis.  I've also created Loglines and Synopses for 4 follow-up screenplays as well.  These screenplays take place in the same 'World' as the original.  They take place chronologically.  I'm also writing a "Bible" to go along with the Concept.

My goal: I would like to see MARS GENERAL become a Franchise.  However I'm not well-equipped to achieve this task.  I'm seeking a screenwriter/producer type with some experience in doing this.  Someone who is a Fan of Hard Science-Fiction.  Someone who is willing to take the helm of the project if and when I am no longer able to do so.  I'm nearly 67.  I have MS.  I know 'My days ahead are fewer than those behind.'  I'm a pragmatist.  I'm in good shape both mentally and physically now, but I don't know how I'll be in five years.

I strongly believe MARS GENERAL has the potential to be very successful.  It's my Legacy.  I want my legacy continue forward as long as possible.

There is one Caveat,  Robert Zubrin of the MARS SOCIETY has agreed to act as the Technical Advisor for MARS GENERAL.  I've pledged 10% the profits of MARS GENERAL to the MARS SOCIETY regardless of what medium MG may take.

Whomever takes this position will receive 20% of MARS GENERAL as well as being named Executive Producer of MARS GENERAL if and when the Concept is up and operating.  They'll also receive a commensurate salary.

Thank you very much,

William Gunn

Stephen Olson

I am always looking for collaborative opportunities. I do not have any produced scripts, at least none that have made money, but I have produced several original stage plays and four original shorts, all based on my own writing. Keep me in mind in case you do not find the perfect writer you are looking for.

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