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Location Hamburg, Germany
Genre Romantic-Comedy
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Date Added Jun 17, 2019
Date Updated Jun 17, 2019
Deadline Dec 17, 2019
About the job

THE GOVERNMENT OF MAURITIUS will contribute 30 per cent of the Qualified Production Expenditures (QPEs) incurred in Mauritius by a film producer with respect to the shooting of a film. 

I am currently seeking representation for my script and would hereby kindly submit the plot summary and some sample pages. 

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Kind Regards 

Marcel Gretemeier

Synopsis/Plot Summary

Title: Rides around the sun

Every year we have a free ride around the sun!

The script defies a single categorisation, it’s romantic, highly motivational and funny!

A collection of interacting characters and stories!

Post Mortem

It’s the afternoon of Martina’s Incineration. If happiness is the goal of life, then get your ass in gear! That’s pretty much her message to her husband and friends, although that she’s now gone.

Your life is your message (Mahatma Gandhi)

The jogging mail:

Marcel (German) doesn't speak polish falls for Zyta (polish) who doesn't speak german! 

Forbidden play!

Adella is madly in love with a man who is not her husband! Scared about the consequences of her choices. Family & security versus Love. A fight of the heart against the mind! How can love be so wrong, when it feels so right?

Education/School for life

Scarlet Fallon the Headmistress turns a college into a Teenager’s Guantanamo to help them find what they really want to do. Don’t start a soul sucking corporate job unless YOU want it. And don’t allow anyone to steer your life into their broken dreams. 

The Candidate:

Mr Meyer is running for the chancellor’s office election. His vision is very different and seemingly he knows what he’s talking about. I personally love watching a movie and suddenly realizing that I've been tricked. So I tried my best to hide more than one rabbit under the hat.


Lee’s rate of creativity is inhuman when it comes to Advertisement and Guerrilla Marketing. 


Bored @ work

Work is sometimes making a living out of being bored. Susan is bored as fuck. If the aim of life is to be happy then make more the things that actually make you happy. And dream so big that it scares small minds.

Make Marriage exciting again:

Routine and predictable sex positions set in Gina and William’s married life. And like any other strong husband, William has always the last word at home: Yes my love, whatever you want!

Don’t let someone feel alone, especially when you are around.

But it’s not easy to understand women’s language:

We need to talk: You are in big trouble!

Do what you want: I guarantee you that you will pay later for this.

No, I am not pissed… really! : Of course I am Dickhead!

Sometimes salt looks like sugar in this screenplay.

Exquisite narrative mousetraps designed to make you laugh, cry, smile, think and… horny!

Please let the suggested music speak to you while reading.

Well, is it autobiographical? You would be disappointed if I say ‚no‘ and I would be in trouble if I say ‚yes‘!

So let’s meet in the middle and say: Maybe:-)

Wish you a nice ride.

Vincent Paterno

I write romantic comedies too -- drop me a line.

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