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  Boyle Heights

Seeking Actor, Cinematographer, Crafty, and Crew
Location Los Angeles, California
Status Post-production
Job Owner
Date Added Sep 6, 2011
Date Updated Sep 6, 2011
Deadline Mar 6, 2012
About the job
Web Film-series starring Steven Bauer as a Mexican-American businesman in Boyle Heights, California!/pages/Boyle-Heights/172950456115230
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Louis Gentile

Dear Frank,

I’m responding to your ad for a composer for your project. It sounds like a great opportunity and I would look forward very much to being part of your creative team. My contributions to E! Entertainment, Harpo and CBS are among the examples available for your approval.A direct link to my demonstration reel is: My website is: which contains assorted music/video examples, and professional references. Thank you for your time and consideration, and best of luck with your project.

Best wishes, Louis Gentile

  • 2 years ago