Looking for writers, composers & more - a job post by Fabian Siebecke

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Don Erikson Screenwriter
Don Erikson is hired
Stephen Olson Voice Actor
Stephen Olson is hired
Peter Michael Mathiesen Music Composer
Peter Michael Mathiesen is hired
APPLY Producer

Experience in managing projects/films Should be able to use Google Drive Motivated to work on a student project

APPLY Sound Designer
APPLY Assistant Director

Some experience in directing a project/film Motivated to work on a student project

Margie Valine Voice Actor
Margie Valine is hired
Jimmy Francis Voice Actor
Jimmy Francis is hired
Scott Sands Voice Actor
Scott Sands is hired
Don Hapner Voice Actor
Don Hapner is hired
Morrison James Voice Actor
Morrison James is hired
Guillaume Longhi Voice Actor
Guillaume Longhi is hired
Guillaume Longhi Music Composer
Guillaume Longhi is hired
APPLY Editor

Experience in either Adobe Premiere Pro and/or Final Cut Pro X. Knowledge in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop would be beneficial. Should be able to edit clips into a film including credits, intros and more.

APPLY Distributor

This would be a position, that manages the publication of the film, whether it can be premiered somewhere or put on Netflix/Amazon Prime. This would also be a position that would advise on copyright matters and what to keep in mind to make this film Netflix/Amazon Prime eligible.

Karen Keslen Illustrator
Karen Keslen is hired
APPLY Music Composer

Should be able to compose dramatic, action and other music styles as well as trailer music.

APPLY Illustrator

Experience in creating film posters and other promotional designs/illustration. Experience with Adobe Photoshop

Looking for Writers, Composers & more

Seeking Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Music Composer and Producer
Location Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California
Status Pre-production
Type Student project
Genre Action / Adventure
Job Owner
Date Added Feb 10, 2020
Date Updated Feb 17, 2020
Deadline May 1, 2020
About the job

I am looking for people to join my newest film project. I especially need Writers and Producers and Editors and more as I'm still in the writing process in which I need assistance in.

About the project:
This aims to be somewhat of a feature film, but this can't be called "professional". Don't get this wrong, I'm trying to make this as professional as I can, but yet I don't have a bachelor in filmmaking or similar, hence why I marked this as a student project. In preparation for my studies in filmmaking, I'm trying to get as much experience as I can and making movies myself.

Furthermore, this whole production will take place more or less online, meaning, it doesn't matter where you live in the world. You may have heard of the computer game "Grand Theft Auto V, also known as "GTA V". The whole movie will be recorded in that game using the game engine "Rockstar Editor" to animate camera movements and later on, the film will be edited in either "Adobe Premiere Pro" or "Final Cut Pro X" (both are at my disposal). I have experience in making short films in GTA, but now I want to level up and produce an actual film with voice and everything and I definitely need help here! 

I think, this project would be beneficial for all newcomers like me to work on and get some experience in, but we also welcome veterans, who know their job and can help us, improve in our work!

Please note, that this is an unpaid and volunteer project. If any profit is made however, it will be equally shared.

Voice Actors may be needed a little later when the script is done.

About me
My name is Fabian, however, I'm known as "Felix Baker" in my films (in the credits, etc.) as a protection of my identity on social media platforms. I'm 19 years old and I finished high school last summer. I am from germany and I'm looking to study filmmaking (in more detail, acting and directing) in the US in the coming summer. In 2016/17, I have made my own little fan web-series with friends. After that, I have done a few projects in GTA. In the late 2019, I have also directed a documentary about a musical group called "Jugend Dirigiert" (german for "Youth Conducts").

I hope, that some of you might be interested in this, regardless of the conditions (no safe pay, etc.)! I'm looking forward to working with some of you!

Eduar Yosniel Pajaro Peña

Hi, I'm interested in collaborating with the script, I'm a screenwriter.

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