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Indie Multi-Cam Sitcom seeks DP

Seeking Director of Photography and Cinematographer
Location Los Angeles, California
Status Pre-production
Type Episodic
Genre Comedy
Job Owner
Date Added Jan 11, 2018
Date Updated Jan 11, 2018
Deadline Jul 11, 2018
About the job

Hello, my name is Matt DeNoto.  My previous project was the award-winning webseries HARRY POTTER AND THE TEN YEARS LATER, which has racked up millions of views on YouTube and generated write-ups on dozens of sites around the world including Wired, Vulture, Boing Boing, and io9.

My newest project is a sitcom about a down-and-out woman forced to move in with her estranged brother and his live-in girlfriend who, unbeknownst to the outside world, are in an extreme BDSM relationship where the girlfriend is the dominant and the brother is the submissive.  It’s called MASTER & SLAVE & CLAIRE.

It was a semi-finalist in the NBC Playground sitcom contest based on this 5-minute pitch video, which goes over the concept and summarizes the plot of the pilot:

I’m gearing up to shoot the first season, which consists of six 22-minute episodes, and I’m looking for an enthusiastic, talented, and dependable director of photography.  The show will be shot to emulate a classic multi-camera sitcom (with a laugh track), along the lines of FULL HOUSE, CHARLES IN CHARGE, or GOLDEN GIRLS.  As such, the DP will be responsible for lighting the set (mostly bright and even) and running the camera(s).  Most shots will be medium or wide.

Unfortunately, as with my previous project, MASTER & SLAVE & CLAIRE will be micro-budget, meaning there is no immediate money available for the cast and crew.

If you’re interested in creating something like nothing else out there, if you have a passion for multi-cam sitcoms, if you have a great reel, please send along your info.

Thanks for your time.

Silky Beats

shooting multiple episodes unpaid is a felony - people cannot "agree to volunteer" when its illegal

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