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Cinematographer: Unpaid position
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  THE HARDSHIP modern day military movie

Seeking Cinematographer, Crew, Director and Distributor
Location Cincinnati, Ohio
Status Pre-production
Job Owner
Date Added Oct 16, 2012
Date Updated Oct 16, 2012
Deadline Apr 16, 2013
About the job
A soldier who struggles between the war he has already in and the battle he still has to face. We are looking for anyone cast and crew wise that wants to get involved. Please email me your headshot and resume to I will get back to you with more information.
Amy Chapman
@Phil Carpenter

I'm not just yet. We had a major problem with the writer and the script. All of her military stuff was wrong. So we got someone on it, and they're fixing things for us. I will let you know when we begin looking for crew.

  • 3 years ago