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Looking for a feature length screenplay

Seeking Screenwriter
Location Los Angeles, California
Status Development
Type Feature film
Genre Drama
Job Owner
Date Added Oct 28, 2020
Date Updated Oct 28, 2020
Deadline Dec 31, 2020
About the job

Looking to produce and direct a feature length drama film, thinking of something small with just a few characters and locations.   I am interested in a coming of age, romance, LGBTQ or a mix of all (ex: Before Sunrise, Stand By Me, Shine).  This will be low budget but will negotiate a fair price for the script. 

Tom Stohlgren

My script "Love Terrors" is a single-location coming of age horror-thriller-dark comedy with a small cast of 10 (except for the opening scene which has a class of 14-16 yr old students walking in an old cemetery). One strong LGBTQ role. The logline, synopsis, and script are on my Stage 32 loglines page. I can send you a short film proposal. Tom Stohlgren tjstohlgren@gmail.com

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