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William T. Vandygriff Director
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An Espionage film

Seeking Director and Producer
Location Oakville, Canada
Status Development
Type Short film
Genre Action / Adventure
Job Owner
Date Added Sep 2, 2019
Date Updated Sep 2, 2019
Deadline Dec 1, 2019
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Kyle Sunders Non Union Epsionage Beated in his own home, Kyle wakes up to see his dead cat. Hit on the head, he awakens in a storage shed with four men, one Asian, one Russian, Hungarian, Africain American. All picked to kidnap Kyle who believes that he's a CIA Agent. Returning home Kasandra finds blood on the floot and her pet had been murdered. Fearing for Kyle, she rushes back to work (CIA). Being questioned by the four men, Kyle laughs. Knowing that the four got the wrong guy, being smacked Kyle spits. Laughs, as if it is a joke. Meanwhile back at CIA HQ, Kasandra learns that her boyfriend is a retired MI6 spy. On her rush to find Kyle at any given cost, she earns that someone does not want her to find Kyle ar all. Unsure what is going on Kyl4 is paid a visit by an old enemy, Bruce Hendricks. which had escaped death 10 years before. Though Kyle plays dumb, as he hears his name. Gun fire, a can explodes. Kyle grabs Bruce by the throat, two men dead.. Kasandra enters sees a gun near Kyle's head. Shoots, man dies. Kasandra smiles holds her gun at Bruce, other agent's take Bruce away as Kasandra breaks up with Kyle. This is the entire pitch. I rather act for now on, I will Produce and be Kyle. I'll can ask my camera crew to help film. Hired them last week for three films. If it reaches beyond the 60 minute mark it will be fine with me.
Wayne E. Brown

Hi Richard,

What a storyline!

If you want an older actor for the Russian or Hungarian, check out my reel on IMDb (total 2 minutes from 5 films) and let me know what you think:


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