Vfx-artists for star wars fan film in denmark - a job post by Shahbaz Sarwar

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VFX-artists for Star Wars Fan Film in Denmark

Seeking Compositor, Concept Artist, Storyboard Artist and Visual Effects Artist
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Status Post-production
Type Pilot
Genre Action / Adventure • Drama • Fantasy • Sci-Fi • Indie • Independent
Job Owner
Date Added Mar 11, 2021
Date Updated Mar 17, 2021
Deadline Sep 8, 2021
About the job


What is this?

"Shrouded Destiny: A Star Wars Long Tale" is the world's biggest independent fan film made in Denmark!

With more than 350 volunteers having lent their talents to the making of this 70 minutes pilot episode, this is an unsolicited pitch to Lucasfilm and Disney in the effort to get a meeting with the topfolks at Lucasfilm to meet myself and the producers to create an entirely original story in the Star Wars Universe!

Starring actors like International Emmy-Award winner, Lars Mikkelsen (House of Cards, Sherlock Holmes, Ride Upon The Storm); stunt performer Laûren Okadigbo (Justice Leauge, Wonder Woman, Krypton, Ready Player One); Magnus Bruun (The Last Kingdom, Assassin's Creed: Valhalla) and others, the fan film is a "pilot" aimed at showing the visual style and storyline in a small part of the planned 8-season storyline that takes place in the years 550-510 BBY. Imagine the scale of Game of Thrones; the meticulousness of The Wire, and the dysfunctional family relations of Breaking Bad spiced with the violence of The Raid, and you have an idea of what this film is all about. 

What do you need?

We've finished filming and are currently looking to recruit people in two areas: Immediate post production and creating illustrations for a Virtual Production Pitch Presentation. 

The post work includes things like: 


Matchmoving / camera tracking

Houdini DOPs

All-round compositors

If you have skills in these departments, why not send our VFX-supervisor, Peter Rongsted, an e-mail at pr@divopost.dk with an application?

We really want to engage people who are ambitious about their lives and their careers and are willing to set the time matching said ambitions to come work with us. This is a stepping stone for so many of us on this production and we're eager to make it a stepping stone for as many people as possible! Like every single soul working on this production, it is an unpaid assignment.

If you don't fit into the post-production categories we're looking for right now, send an email anyway.
We're sure we'll be able to find something for you anyway.

For the Virtual Production Pitch, we're looking to emulate the style of "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj", where illustrations of characters and environments are playing in the back, as we present the story of the film. 

It's an insanely ambitious endeavor and we hope that you as an illustrator, concept artist or Storyboard Artist can see the logic of being attached to a project, where the end goal is to have your work seen by the biggest folks in the film industry.

If you feel like this could be something down your alley, send an email to: mail@shahbaz.dk and we'll continue the conversation there. :-)

What do I get out of this?

Since a paycheck currently isn't in play, this project has to make sense to you on a different scale. 

We want to put this film out this year (Covid has already post-poned it more than a year) and this will offer you credits on a film that will most likely be viewed by millions of people via YouTube, since we're not selling this film, but merely working on a very over-zealous proof of concept. 

So you're in that point of your career, where you have the talent and time, but don't have the jobs right now and are looking to add things to your portfolio and you're not afraid to put forth ideas that you believe will strengthen the final product. 

Whatever time you have to offer, we'll gladly take, whether it's a few hours a day, a week or full-time commitment, we appreciate you. :-) 

You might just also be a really huge Star Wars fan and are ambitious of one day working for Disney or Lucasfilm and want to be able to get an in somehow. This project might be it, if you're not in the near vicinity of getting hired by a company working for them. :-)

I want to know more:

If your interest has been piqued, I invite you to take 17 minutes out of your life to watch four videos, so you can get a feel for me and the project itself:

The pitch to activate the Danish Film Industry:

The short film that started it all:

The teaser trailer that cemented the tone of the episode early on: 

The trailer that gave an early look at what we had worked on so far:

A lot of things have changed since then, most notably, a new grade to the episode, so it more resembles "Rogue One" in visual style. 

That's it for now. This is my heart I've poured out here and I hope you understand that this project is going to go all the way. And I so very desperately want this to benefit as many people as possible. I want you by my side, when I reach for the highest pinnacle of this industry.

Feel free to share the post in the places, where it might make sense (forums or social media profiles).

  Thank you all for your interest in this film and have a great weekend!

The platform of Stage 32 is, unfortunately, not optimal, when it comes to messaging internally, so please write to either pr@divopost.dk or mail@shahbaz.dk to successfully reach out to us. :-) 


Shahbaz Sarwar - Lead Creator

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