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John German

Screenwriter, playwright and author in Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania

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"Feel the change, be the change, write the change.".

It was a normal, mid-fall day; Year 2014. A MAN, unemployed, lackadaisically takes a break on the couch; His mind starts a fantasy daydream, whipping like a whirlwind as his mind embraces the scenery and the character he's engulfed in. A script. A story, embracing elements of life had begun to take shape. Without warning, he looks up; He thinks, "What if I? ...". He gasps...


That was the moment my love for writing began. That script, which I ended up finishing the same year, was "Moments of Forever"; The first script I had ever finished, and most definitely nowhere near the last.

I have continued to write since than, writing various different scripts as you can see on my profile, and continue until this very day.

Below are scripts I am working on or have worked on as a lone writer. If/Whenever I would have any type of group, team or writing partner, their name or names would be posted wherever they helped write. I have many more ideas behind the scenes that I haven't even started yet. Whenever anyone of these wouldn't be owned by myself in terms of being sold or optioned or however, I would mention that next to the individual script.

All scripts listed, including loglines, synopsis's and PDF's are for review only; If you are interested in any of these please contact, myself, John German.

Currently in Handwritten Development (pages = paper form, handwritten):
The Calendar (Book) - Chapters Finished: 5.
Drawlphabet - lowercase - 4 pages.
Perceptions - Season 3 - Episode 2 - 5 pages.

Currently in Final Draft/Editing Phase (pages = page form, handwritten):
Lich Rife (Stage Play) - 19 pages.

Moments of Forever - (Registered)
The Screenwriters Karma - (Registered)
Jonny 2x - (Registered)
Kindled Memories - (Registration Started)
Abnormally Normal - (Registered)
Six Company - (Registered)
Appeasing Emmie - (Registered)
The Imaginative One - (Registered)
The Literal Apocalypse - (Registered)
Life Under The Sea - (Registered)
Enter Write Club - (Registered)
Ian's Home in the Wilderness - (Registration Started) - (No Longer Optioned - Producer and Actor involved backed out after optioning.)
Mr. Puzzles (Feature) (2017 November Write Club Project) - (Registration Started)

TV Scripts:
Perceptions - (Registered) (Season 1 (1-8), Season 2 (Episode 1-8), Season 3 (Episode 1))
What? I'm old! - (Registered) (Season 1 (1-8))

Comic Book Script:
League of Weaknesses (LOW) - (Registered) (Issues 1-2)

Short Film Scripts (pages = Final Draft pages):
OK Mother - (Registered) (21 pages)
Saturday Morning - (Registered) (7 pages)
Cheesy Kind of Love - (Registration Started) (9 pages)
The House of Deathly Choices - (Registration Started) (5 pages)
Why Run? - (Registration Started) (3 pages) (Berlin Flash Film Festival - Why Run? - Official June 2017 Selection)
Not Your Average Dinner - (Registration Started) (10 pages)
Warmth of Christmas Tea - (Registration Started) (13 pages)
Choices - (Registration Started) (9 pages)
Human Appliances - (Registration Started) (7 pages)
Soulless - (Registration Started)
Ignore - (Registration Started) (4 pages)
Check'd Out - (Registration Started) (3 pages)
Workless - (Registration Started) (3 pages) (CARE-FREE MANAGER)
Workless - (Registration Started) (4 pages) (PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE MANAGER)
Hiding - (Registration Started) (1 page) (Berlin Flash Film Festival - Hiding - May 2017 Micro Short Script Winner)
Stronger Than You Think - (Registration Started) (6 pages)
Loosen the Noose (Registration Started) - 6 pages.
Halloween Candy (Registration Started) - 16 pages.
Smoked Turkey (Registration Started) (2017 Thanksgiving Day Script) - 11 pages.
Thoughtful Cup (Registration Started) (2017 Christmas Script) - 9 pages.

Stage Play:
I Wish... - (Registered) (Cannes Screenplay Contest - Stage Play - 2nd place)

Street Cleaning - (Registration Started) (Editing Phase Completed on 12/31/2016)
Mystery Object of the Baltic Sea
A Note On The Ground (2,000 word limitation - Masterclass Zine - Short Story)
Everything Disappears.
Drawlphabet (Registration Started)

Books read:
Getting it Write - A screenwriting career - by Lee Zahavi Jessup

Books reading:
Formatting & Submitting your manuscript - Chuck Sambouchino and the editors of writer's digest books.
The elements of style - William Strunk JR. and E.B. White.
The blue book of grammar and punctuation - Jane Straus.


Thank you for taking the time to look over my profile,

God Bless.

"Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience." - Colossians 3:12

Name: John German

Lives in: Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Screenwriter, Playwright and Author

Unique traits: I wanted to use this space for promotion of charities:


  • Ian's Home in the Wilderness

    Ian's Home in the Wilderness (2019)
    Film Writer Ian a young male seemingly alone and an outcast, finds himself engaged with some female strangers in the wilderness causing an internal struggle as he becomes enchanted by each even while they are fighting him and among themselves.

  • Let The Feelings Write

    Let The Feelings Write

  • Street Cleaning

    Street Cleaning
    Print (Drama) Author Within a homeless community living as best they can through their current situations, comes mysterious disappearances that begin to take hold of their once rather quiet communities. Within these communities lives Clayton, and his homeless family within the homeless community. One of Clayton's family members disappears and leaves behind something he normally never would. Due to this, Clayton's life twists into a role of a self-made detective, where he begins to try, and figure out why these are happening, and who is behind the disappearances. As he weaves his way through the many different avenues trying to uncover information that could not only help find and save his family member, but others in the homeless community who begin to wonder when they will be next. Clayton's work starts to draw attention from Deryk and Jalen, members of the high society. These members, unknowingly to Clayton, begin monitoring Clayton's behaviors due to his unknown status within their community. As Clayton dives more deeply into the mysteriousness surrounding the homeless, the high society members, Deryk and Jalen, begin uncovering Clayton's undercover work, which brings about events that spiral into a fast-paced struggle for one to keep the faith to continue, whereas the others race to terminate the single infestations motivational hunger.

  • Drawlphabet

    Print Author Drawlphabet is a very simplistic book to bring out the imaginative spirit in a young learner. While drawing letters within the alphabet, they will also draw little drawings from the letters. This was left very black and white so you could add color wherever and however you would like. Think of this as your own and you are helping to finish it. Drawlphabet was simplistically done so that most anyone could draw the letters and the drawings regardless of how well you can or can't draw. The whole point, as mentioned, is to bring out the imaginative spirit of what could be.


  • Berlin Flash Film Festival - Hiding - May 2017 Micro Short Script Winner

  • Berlin Flash Film Festival - Why Run? - June 2017 Official Selection

  • Berlin Flash Film Festival - 2017 Overall Winners - Honorable Mention - Hiding

  • Cannes Screenplay Contest - Stage Play - 2nd place - I Wish...

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