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kateTaylor™ ~ A Warbling, Screenwriting, RadioHosting. Designing, Storytelling wife and Mommy

kateTaylor™ ~ A Warbling, Screenwriting, RadioHosting. Designing, Storytelling wife and Mommy

Whew! Now that certainly is a mouthful. (Living it? Exhausting!)

There is no other life for me, however.
war·bler ˈwôrb(ə)lər/
1.any of a number of small insectivorous songbirds that typically have a warbling song.
2. a person who sings in a trilling or quavering voice.
Once, I was privy to some brilliant advice from a Development Executive at CBS,
“Kate“, she said, “the first thing you want to write, is you. What’s your Personal A Story? What’s your Personal Logline? What Profile do you want to pitch to the World about who you are and what you do?“
Whether it had been writing angst-filled teenage songs and poetry; or short horror tales for a creative writing class, crafting the twists and turns of my life has been as natural and vital as breath.

Your classic Jane of All Trades here – I have, however, Mastered one.
(Well, God, I HOPE so or that would make me a really sucky example for that line!!)
Landing in front of a camera and being told at three that your value is “look good” served to turn me into a voracious devourer of substance. All things beneath the surface is where you’ll find me. Can’t find me? Look deeper.
Once being carted back and forth into New York City for children’s catalog work and various print jobs became too much, the singing started. Yet, another thing I suppose I can chalk up to that “as natural and vital as breath” department.
The ties to the entertainment industry – a side of the family in filmmaking on the West Coast and our side in music here – were to prove to be unbreakable. Although, to be rebellious, I studied medicine, then law, then sold commercial and multi-million dollar residential real estate before getting into the Art Institute of Pittsburgh …. yes, Pittsburgh …. to study Interior Design and Architecture.
As is the norm for ever restless kitties like me, one month before completing my degree I transferred to the Academy of Art University at San Francisco and into their Film and Television program.
As is also the norm for stubborn kitties like me, and even though they offered the remaining credits to complete my BA and then move right into their MFA program, I declined and insisted on starting as a Freshman film student like …every other incoming freshman film student.
My reasoning was sound! I had three and three-quarters years of ART school! How could I move into a Master’s program for film and television? Majoring in Screenwriting and Minoring in Directing when all I knew how to do was AutoCAD a really pretty house?
Logically, and rightfully, you’re wondering if I’ve finished … but two years in I met and married the love of my life. My mother’s illness and death followed a year later; and, our son, the year after that.
All of this time I continued my independent study while battling for the reinstatement of my financial aid. Should I succeed? I will return and complete to the highest heights my perpetual education. Should they continue to deny me my rightful funding?
Well, welcome to the storyWarbler!
I’m looking for a Manager … :)
While in film school, I wrote a short horror film called “Shine” to much acclaim. You can read it here.
Not that I have much talent for comedy except when the laughs are directed AT me anyway, but I am a dramatist, a thrill-throwing, chill-blowing, fear-growing deep writer.
As you can see by the collection of titles in my portfolio, it is my intention that what I write, the reader/viewer/listener won’t forget for a good while.
oscarThe number two definition of a warbler is a good one for me as an ex-singer turned storyteller.
The only difference I hope to import, however, is that my trilling will set my audience to quavering.
Then, I can add “successful” to that multi-descriptive piece of personal Logline at the top of the page …
Writing scripts for radio shows, as you can read about in my husband’s “Short Story About Our Company” below, helped me to hone an even faster-paced, more concise, open-ended type of dialog. The most thrilling part is knowing, right then and there, whether the writing works – ie. Did the guest run screaming out of the interview?


  • "Shine" ~ Short

    "Shine" ~ Short Horror Other A mother's world is forever changed when a late night attack leaves her child in a state that forces her to choose between protection or salvation. Can the bond between parent and child be strong enough to save them both?

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