Kristoffer Bübeck

Kristoffer Bübeck

Screenwriter and Director

London, England

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About Kristoffer

My film-making background originated in writing, screenplays, short stories and poetry, story poetry and photography. It wasn’t until much later that thought about amalgamating the two concepts together.

I’ve always had a love for photography, framing and composition and view the process in a artistic frame of mind. I am consciously aware that this isn’t always possible and there needs to be a degree of functionality to each shot. Without flexibility the standard of work would be largely one dimensional and thusly uninteresting to audiences.

In terms of creativity in both directing and writing, I tend to employ two separate approaches to the film-making process. It’s a kind of creative duality that I find effective, as I find it helps me to distinguish, which creative voice to adopt.

My typical, “modus operandi,” would be, firstly, to determine whether the story can be told in a; introspective, transcendental and artistic way. If it is achievable, the filmic approach would be a literal and philosophical. It would be a more meditative approach, asking the audience to not only fend for themselves -but to also interpret what they are seeing.

This type of approach works well with drama and to a certain extend thrillers, it’s not an approach that I apply to all work. Needless to say it’s an approach I prefer to adopt.

If I am unable to apply the first approach, I’ll employ the second, which addresses audience reaction in a slightly differently way. Primarily, the direction will guide the audience more stringently; moreover the pacing of the project will be much quicker. The primary objective here is to maintain the audiences attention –by moving the story along at lightening pace.

Typically I find myself writing in the drama, thriller and sci-fi genres. I wouldn’t say exclusively but I do predominately find myself working in those areas. I enjoy world creation, creating worlds that haven’t been constructed or seen before – formulating new societal structures and all the infinite possibilities that follows these new worlds.

I currently have three projects in development, from an animated web series to conventional shot short film and another project I'm looking to secure the rights to -which is for television.

I can adapt material as well as create my own and enjoy working with others to develop their own material -I have a quick turn around time so I can write material very quickly. Partially due to the reason I love to write and don't mind sitting down for 4-5 hours at a time. Not everyone's cup of tea but when you do things you love- you really don't notice.


  • Eridanus

    Eridanus (2016 - 2017)
    Film Writer/Director 3d Audio Movie "A band of human test subjects, taken to an alien city in the centre of the earth must work together, in order to escape. They must navigate an underground kingdom and negotiate a series of obstacles, whilst being stalked by a deranged alien- who’s determined to destroy them before they can escape."


  • Screen Craft Screen Writing Competition- (Winter) Semi -Finalist


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