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Mendon Cottage LLC is a small family owned publishing company in Mendon, Utah. We have developed over 1400 books that are family and learning oriented. We hope you enjoy our Learn to Draw series of books. The small cottage in the picture is our 900 sq. ft. 150 year old home that inspired our company name.

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I want to paint: simple exercises for beginners complete

Are you fighting with a simple circle from the first step of each tutorial? Do your straight lines keep bending regardless of how difficult the experiment is? Do you seem unable to draw two points with a certain distance between them? Do images look so bad after repeating each step of a carefully detailed tutorial? These problems may be due to a lack of basic skills that are ignored when learning the drawing. In fact, these skills are obvious to the person who was attracting a lot, but can also easily forget after a few years without a pencil in hand. So, are you ready to catch up?

If you are looking for a catalytic stimulus before the game before you meet this challenge, check out the attached article, What is your excuse? Why can not you draw?

If you are digitally drawing, you may want your work to look more like a pen and paper. If this is the case, we can recommend one of the many sets of Photoshop brushes available on GraphicRiver, including the Classic Art Brush set.

Classic brushes set
Professional Volume Brush Package 4 - Classic Art
1. Breaking the straight line
Your problem: You can not draw a straight line / circle perfect.

iwanttodraw-1-0- Unable to draw, hard on line
Step 1
Straight lines are not real. It exists only in vectors, as the shortest path between two points. You can fool and use a ruler, but chances are you will never learn your hand to draw perfectly straight lines. Even if you start as a perfect thing, the more you draw, the more mistakes you make. What does this mean?

If drawing a long line is almost impossible, we can use short lines that are more suitable for us. Look at the picture below. The shorter the lines, the closer the image is to the original.

iwanttodraw-1-1 - short lines
The second step
Suppose you want to draw a flower as follows. You can see that it is made of straight line, perfect circle and some fine angle curves. I suppose you can draw it very slowly, leading to the lines carefully drawn from one side to another, stuck with the tongue and sweat on his face. but why? Painting is not a task, it should be fun!

The third step
Technical drawing (straight lines and perfect circles) requires focus. It's about painting things as they are. There is no room for creativity or personal style, because style comes from diversity. Is it really what you want to do? Draw the same things exactly the same way all the time?

If you do, well, there is no tutorial for you. Because drawing - creating - is about keeping your hand relaxed while focusing on a final effect rather than creating a series of full lines. That's what you need to learn: how to stay relaxed, draw quickly and carelessly. Let's try to draw this flower back, okay? But this time follow these simple rules:

Divide long rows into short rows.
For more curves, shorter lines.
Touch the paper lightly, do not press the hard pencil.
Keep it fast!
The fourth stage
Was not it fun? If you hug, they look beautiful. Now, fill the gaps between the lines with those missing. The rules of the previous step are still in force.

Step 5
Now you can highlight the selected lines with a marker or press a pencil with more power. This step is not necessary, you can skip it.

Step 6
Done! Does not look exactly like the original, but you can see a bit of style, a bit of your personal personality, the real work of your hands! You may notice that it seems more natural than the original, because nature is not perfect. Most importantly, once you cross the border, you can easily change everything! Ironically, the less accurate your lines are, the more natural your drawing will be.

Step 7
What do you exercise?

Divide lines into short lines.
Drawing circles made of short lines rather than long and always durable;
Draw lightly - this way your small mistakes will not be visible.
iwanttodraw-1-7 clouds are fast
2. Create your own style
Your problem: You feel you can only draw things that other people have already created. Your graphics do not really look like you.

iwanttodraw-2-0-functional to development style
Step 1
So you can draw circles and straight lines, right? This is not really good. May be preoccupied with sports rules and technical drawing. You are good to repeat, but not to create. How can you help? Well, the first step of this tutorial is also good for you, but there is another trick


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    Mendon Cottage Books Budget: $0 - $100K | Other We have developed over 1400 books that are family and learning oriented. We hope you enjoy our Learn to Draw series of books. The small cottage in the picture is our 900 sq. ft.  150 year old home that inspired our company name.

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