Laura Ann Tull

Laura Ann Tull

Artistic HOPE (not a corporation- business name) Women Love Peace (Business name for Digital art and Production work & My logo).

Actor, photographer (still) and editor in Los Angeles, California

About Laura

I am an actor. Vegan. Buddhist. Liberal. I voted for Obama, love Bernie, and like Schiff & Harris, my representatives in California. I like drama, thrillers, science fiction and some Dramedy. I love Doctor Who and Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes. I have read the Complete Works of Sherlock. I don't like exploitative or overly violent films with no lesson or message, i.e. a concrete story. I want to work on good projects. I am pro women being respected as intelligent and capable. I loved the new Ghostbusters.

I am a Photoshop Artist and do Art Photography and can make POSTERS for movies manipulating images. Jack Duganne of Duganne Ateliers in Santa Monica would tell you I am good at the program. I am also trained in HD editing on programs like AVID, PREMIERE, and Final Cut. I have played with the new Final Cut X and Resolve, and I have worked on both MAC and PCs. I have trained in After Effects. My teacher WALT LOUIE has said he has faith in my talent as an editor, but I need people to also respect my talent and need to ACT. I have also helped Walt shoot projects for Santa Monica College. I have also been studying Film Production at Santa Monica College and in the Fall of 2015 worked on about ten student projects over the course of 4 months. We shot a different scene almost every week. I primarily worked in the Art departments, but also did a little editing, and Grip work.

I have been trained in Pro Tools but I would say I do not have a future in sound design, but I am good at ADR as an actor. I have created my own sound mixes however and have a good ear. I took a class in Music theory at Santa Monica and my teacher recognized my natural talent. I know good music when I hear it. I have taken classes there in graphic design, and topography and have a GPA of 3.7. If it were not for the misogyny in the industry and slander by crew I would probably have a future in the creative side of the industry, but I must be allowed to pursue acting or I literally feel panicked and trapped.

I'm a poetry performer, creating poems to advocate for the Planet, Social Justice, End Violence, Religious Freedom, Emergency USA/ Italy, Domestic Violence, #Micropoetry, Art, and just for Fun. I created a blog called ARTISTICHOPE.COM ARTISTIC HOPE stands for HOLISTIC ORGANIC PHILANTHROPIC EXPRESSION because ART and those who do art give back and that giving has a healing quality. I do not support art that is faith based or art that is potentially obscene or cannot be viewed by Children. Nudity is not necessarily obscene however.

I have had three shorts in Festivals. "A.B.S" that won multiple awards and aired on a Tampa cable station. "Beauty" in the Ventura Film Festival. "Chemical 13" that aired on Direct TV and made it into a top ten, and also was on Itunes. I worked on sets in shows like West Wing, Carnivale, CSI, Eli Stone, Close To Home, Boston Legal, Ghost Whisperer, Bones, Standoff, Las Vegas, and Deadwood. "Crazy" was the film that made me Sag Eligible and it was shot at the Roosevelt in the Coconut Lounge. One of the cast members John Fleck is one of the NEA Finley Four. He was also in the cast of Carnivale. Ironically I wrote my thesis for a Masters in Performing Arts at American University on the case NEA vs Finely.

Acting. I was trained in modern drama and Stanislavski method at McDaniel College where I was Phi Beta Kappa (Oldest honor society in the United States) and Phi Gama Mu (Social Sciences honors) and Omnicron Delta Epsilon (Economics honors) and Alpha Psi Omega (Drama Honors Fraternity). I was secretary of Alpha Psi elected when I was ten minutes late for the election meeting. I did an internship at Roundhouse theater and worked in their promotion department, operation management, and also in the box office. I also worked for their theater camp for a summer. At the time Jason Kravitz also worked at the theater. He later became a working actor on sets like "The Practice."

At McDaniel I helped with the college activities board, sang in the choir, wrote poetry, and also took voice, guitar and piano lessons. I was also a member of the bell choir. I also a DJ and had a show that played British and Australian 80s 90s rock called Laura's Luncheonette on Fridays at noon for the college radio station. I worked for the Communication department at McDaniel's as an intern keeping track of the equipment and was self taught in graphics using Studio 8 on an early Mac and did a little old fashioned VHS editing, with a fellow student who knew how. I taught an art Student Studio 8 to be the graphic artist for the department.

I have a masters from American University where I studied art critical thinking, and took electives in Photography, audition techniques, and TV acting. The masters at American in Performing Arts Management was flexible. Performing arts covers anything from opera, to modern dance, to music performances, performance art and live acting. I interned as a casting agent and with the Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA). I also met people from the NEA and from arts organizations. Later I studied law and worked for the Kennedy Center as a legal intern and spent a year working for Court TV as an intern at the supreme court helping to cover the court for Fred Graham "Supreme Court Watch" during the year of the Computer Decency Act. However I always told people I was a trained actor.

I ran for elected office at American and Catholic University. I was elected as the Secretary of the Graduate Student Counsel at American 2 years in a row and was the ABA representative at Catholic Law School and on the School Council. I created news letters at both institutions using my graphic skills. I effectively was a self taught journalist graphic designer. I was also published as a photographer at American and had a photo selected for a show. Being intelligent is a benefit to acting. American University has a diverse international population and a strong Jewish Population. McDaniel at the time I attended had a population comprised of 10% international students and had been in the past a Methodist Missionary. I refused to take scholarships from the Methodist church. I worked as a receptionist for Liotta Dranitski and Engel and was recommended for the position by the Director of WALA. It was a family law firm but all the lawyers had ties to the local entertainment industry. One of my employers even sent me to a Dentist in the area who was a theater actor.

I have a certificate from the American Academy of Dramatic Art West summer program. I have studied with the Actors Collaborative started by Adrian Paul. I have trained at SAG CONSERVATORY AFI with Bruce Glover and studied with Cyb Barnstable at the time she discovered Kellan Luntz. I actually did scene work with him, though I do not know if he would remember me. I have done casting workshops at the Actors Key, GoGo acting, Network Studio, SAG foundation CAP, AIA acting studio, JB Casting, LA Reels, and worked with Rapid Reelz. I have taken classes in voice with Kathleen Dunn and Crystal Robbins in Lessac. Also scene study work with David Nathan Schwartz and comedy with Terrin Adair-Lynch.

I was an honor student in High School at TOWSON High. I was chosen as a Maryland Distinguished Scholar and was a member of the Varsity Track teams, cross country, indoor and outdoor. I ran distance and threw the shot put and discus. (Not very good at shot put). Devine and Michael Phelps are fellow alum. In high school I also spent a summer working with special needs children at Camp Shadybrook in Moodus Connecticut doing art and theater activities with the kids. I went door to door with Kathleen Kennedy Townsend. I was gifted and talented social studies, honors English, honors Math, and stayed standard science until my last year when I took honors physics because I refused to dissect anything. I also was published as a poet in the school's literary magazine.

I'm a straight feminist & VEGAN. I am a Zen Buddhist, who also likes to study Forest Buddhism and I do treat Buddhism as a religion. I was with SANDERS and now I am WITH HER.

I have Hashtimotis, an autoimmune disease. I am an advocate for changes in the medical institutions in this country and their care of women with AI diseases. I am allergic to yeast so I avoid sugar. I am against GMOs as my disease prevents me from being able to eat them. I cannot eat gluten. I am trying to stay in Los Angeles for my health. I believe we should all be happy and let others be happy. Happiness is not a sign of stupidity but a sign of wisdom.
I am secular in my approach to life. I believe we all have the right to be individuals. I am a supporter of Food Not Bombs, and also SU2C. I believe that YOGA is beneficial and so is holistic care and organic living. I want to volunteer to work with animals but I am allergic to CATS. I am not interested in working on projects that favor one religion over all others. We are a country with a diverse population that needs to be respected. I am for gun control. THE VIOLENCE NEEDS TO STOP.

Dislikes: American Football, SNOW, Swimming, COLD, Chauvinism, Wall Street, bureaucracy, conservatism, the NRA, & Golf. I did not date Jeremy Gilbreathe. He has been dating the woman he is now married to since working on Carnivale in 2003. He knew I was not interested in him but other people. I realize you may not think this is professional but as a woman I am tired of the rape culture and one in 25 men are rapists. That number is TOO high. Jeremy assaulted me. I do not want him or WILL WALLACE, Terrence Malick's step son to stalk me or their friends or Wallace's students. As it stands several people on my face book were actually invited to a premiere of Malick's last film, including some friends of mine who are VEGAN.

I wrote for the examiner and was offered to work for AXS but they erased 14 articles I wrote for the Hollywood Fringe so I told them I quit. I was white listed just a few months ago by Examiner. I do not want to work for a company that promotes ticket sales. I respect Journalism and would rather work as a journalist than as a promoter. I plan to post the articles that were removed from Examiner on my website as Examiner has not paid me in a long time. I actually was getting paid at one point but the pay was not worth the effort.

I have been a volunteer with the Script Writer's network. I have also been involved with the Los Angeles Digital Art community and the Final Cut pro user group.

Name: Laura Ann Tull

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

Company: Artistic HOPE (not a corporation- business name) Women Love Peace (Business name for Digital art and Production work & My logo).

Occupation: Actor, Photographer (Still), Editor, Film/theatre Journalist, Art Director, Dramaturge, Graphic Designer, Marketing/pr, Motion Graphic Design, Producer, Researcher, Screenwriter, Singer, Songwriter, Student, Voice Actor and Voice Artist

Unique traits: My acting has been described as honest and real. Someone recently told me my acting was like Susan Sarandon. She has more experience. I have been told I look like Sigourney Weaver. I think she is sexier than me. I have an IQ of 155. I have had professional voice singer teachers tell me they like my harmony. I have a musical ear. I have green blue eyes that change depending on what I am wearing. Naturally curly wavy hair. Most of the time I do not even try to set it. PLEASE do not brush it on set once it is styled and set. I am VERY GOOD with color. I am also very good with photo shop and using, not programming, tech. I am PHI BETA KAPPA. Kerry Washington is one of them. It is the oldest liberal arts honor society and to get in you must excel in the liberal arts including taking at least one math and science course and you must be of good moral fiber. I am good at ACTING because I am well versed in the HUMANITIES. I was a gifted and Talented Social Studies Student and a Maryland Distinguished Scholar. I took AP classes in Calculus and American History.


  • "A.B.S"

    "A.B.S" (2012)
    Film (short) by Brighid Fleming, Phish Productions Beatrice Bloodworth

  • "Chemical 13"

    "Chemical 13" (2012)
    Film (short) by Guillermo Arredondo Kang's Mom

  • "Beauty"

    "Beauty" (2010)
    Film (short) by Quoc Pham Wife

  • "Thelma & Louise"

    "Thelma & Louise" (2008)
    Film (short) by Marvin Lewis/The Art Institute Of California Louise

  • "Sex Lies & Video Tape"

    "Sex Lies & Video Tape" (2008)
    Film (short) by James Moncrief/USC Project Ann

  • "Wayward Dreams"

    "Wayward Dreams" (2008)
    Film (short) by Tim Ng/ Melissa Raszick Lisa's Mom

  • "Hearts of Darkness" - Unfinished??

    "Hearts of Darkness" - Unfinished?? (2008)
    Film by Danny Damah Janet Greene

  • "THE MONSTER"- PSA I made for STAND Up 2 Cancer

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    Commercial by Laura Ann Tull Myself

  • "Skyla P.M."

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    Film (short) by Nicole Zwiren Helena

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    E-Health Network Infomercial- FLU and Cancer interview (2008)
    Industrial by Banner Caswell Productions Wife with Flu & Myself

  • Five minutes of Fame "Dating"

    Five minutes of Fame "Dating" (2008)
    Internet by Poet (Myself)

  • "L.A. Traffic"

    "L.A. Traffic" (2008)
    Film (short) by Donald Sanchez Acting Student/ Waitress

  • "Blade Runner" - Deleted & Altered Scenes Video Documentary

    "Blade Runner" - Deleted & Altered Scenes Video Documentary (2007)
    Video by Charles de Lauzirika Stand In

  • Stand Up 2 Cancer - PSA

    Stand Up 2 Cancer - PSA (2005)
    Commercial by SU2C Movie Patron

  • Wild West Tech "The Unexplained"

    Wild West Tech "The Unexplained" (2005)
    Television by Colin Campbell Dreaming Woman

  • "Gotham Cafe"

    "Gotham Cafe" (2005)
    Film (short) by Jack Edward Sawyers Diner

  • "Carnivale"

    "Carnivale" (2005)
    by HBO Carni Wife - Featured & on HBO website


  • Actress in "Chemica 13" seleted for Shriekfest in 2012 in TOP TEN SHORTS TV DIRECTTV 2015

  • Actress in "Chemical 13" now on Itunes

  • Achieved 15 of the 30 Award Badges granted to Examiner Writers

  • Actress in "A.B.S" selected for over a dozen festivals with numerous awards 2012-1014

  • Actress in "Beauty" selected in the VENTURA FILM FESTIVAL

  • American Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Certificate


  • McDaniel College (Westminster, MD)

  • American University

  • Catholic University of America (Washington, DC)

  • Santa Monica College

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