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Lily Von Isenberg Hair and MakeUp
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About Lily

Lily Von Isenberg has been in the entertainment industry for 10 years, working as a hair and makeup artist, personal and production assistant, and most recently a health & safety officer for The Morning Show on Apple TV. Matching a keen eye for her craft and her love for people, all endeavors are always for the efficient and safe beauty of storytelling.

Unique traits: 3 Covid Certifications.



  • Rick the Dick

    Rick the Dick (2017)
    Film by Girard Swan (Comedy) Makeup Department The most well known and feared ambulance chaser in Palm Springs, California gets the case of a lifetime and will stop at nothing to win and secure millions in earnings.

  • Your Own Road

    Your Own Road (2016)
    Film by Brandon Buczek (Comedy) Makeup Department

  • The Legacy of Avril Kyte

    The Legacy of Avril Kyte (2016)
    Film by David Sauers (Action, Drama and Thriller) Makeup Department A very personal apocalyptic tale. Written by Anonymous

  • Abbey Grace

    Abbey Grace (2016)
    Video by Stephen Durham (Horror) Makeup Department When Stacy's mom dies, Stacey puts her life and career on hold and returns to her childhood home to take care of her OCD agorophobic brother Ben who hasn't been out of the house for 23 years only to find out the house they grew up in harbors a disturbing secret.

  • Love in Moreno Valley

    Love in Moreno Valley (2015)
    Film by Steven Huffaker (Comedy and Drama) Makeup Department Straight out of MoVal, a multi-cultural suburb in California, James plays guitar in his room and hides from his emotionally unstable single-father whose fantasy baseball obsession and romantic life render him intolerable. Once tenth grade begins at Vista Christian High School, James is reunited with his unlikely best friend, Abe, a wildchild whose antics draw a lot of negative attention to both he and James, much to the chagrin of their odd, stringent principal, Mr. Durante. Meanwhile, James is preoccupied with trying to impress a cute Latina named Carla, only to find Abe's outrageous antics are hurting his chances. Things only get worse for the duo when Principal Durante punishes them by forcing them to perform the weekly chapel assembly.

  • Miles Away

    Miles Away (2015)
    Film by Caroline Kepnes (Short and Drama) Makeup Department An alienated tennis mom forges a bond with a man who believes in aliens.

  • The 4th & The 5th

    The 4th & The 5th (2014)
    Film by David Novick (Short and Drama) Makeup Department When religious protesters threaten to picket a fallen soldier's funeral, the mourning father must do what is necessary to give him the proper send off he deserves.

  • Emancipation

    Emancipation (2014)
    Film by Devin Hume (Short, Action, Drama and Western) Makeup Department A run-a-way slave, a soiled dove and a horse thief struggle to regain their dignity and freedom in the newly established Colorado Territory. Emancipation is a story of redemption and sacrifice, a tough Western with a positive message and a golden ending. Written by Anonymous

  • Nocturne

    Nocturne (2014)
    Film by Jeremy Cleek (Short, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Makeup Department A mother is haunted by her buried memories.

  • Witness This!

    Witness This! (2014)
    Film by Mitchel Gaby (Short, Fantasy, Horror and Mystery) Makeup Department A man is led to a mystifying journey where he must witness his own self destruction.

  • On the Inside

    On the Inside (2014)
    Film by Josh McLendon (Short, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Makeup Department Respected psychiatrist, Doctor Samuel Marshall, experiences a face to face interview with a a deranged serial killer.

  • Tsuru

    Tsuru (2014)
    Film by Chris K.T. Bright (Short, Drama, History and War) Makeup Department May 1942. Japanese American internment has just begun. And a California nurse is trying to save an elderly Japanese couple in hiding.

  • Wings

    Wings (2014)
    Film by Lena Michaels (Short, Drama and Romance) Makeup Department Homeless and down trodden, Jim Ballard, becomes enraged upon discovering struggling artist, Andrea May's unsolicited portrait of him that foreshadows his rise to prosperity.

  • Dinner at Le Cruel

    Dinner at Le Cruel (2014)
    Film by Peter Hyoguchi (Short and Comedy) Makeup Department

  • Boarding House

    Boarding House (2014)
    Film by Walter Gorey (Short and Horror) Makeup Department BOARDING HOUSE is a chilling tale about a pregnant young woman from the 1930s depression era who seeks refuge in a remote boarding house. She thinks she's safe until the inhabitants and events become increasingly bizarre, transcending reality and time and putting her unborn child in danger. Written by Sara Caldwell

  • Feel the Music

    Feel the Music (2014)
    Film by Edward Bullard (Short and Drama) Makeup Department A great musical fighter has to choose between his family or his career.

  • 30 Second Suspense

    30 Second Suspense (2013)
    Film by Debra Mategrano (Short, Horror and Thriller) Makeup Department Sometimes the best sales come with a deadly price...

  • The Tsarevich

    The Tsarevich (2013)
    Film by Geoffroy Faugérolas (Short, Drama, History and Thriller) Makeup Department In 1918, Alexei Romanov, young prince hemophiliac, is caught in the turmoil of the Russian Civil War, having to choose between his family and The Empire of Russia.

  • Santa Switch

    Santa Switch (2013)
    TV Movie by David Cass Jr. (Family) Makeup Department As the Christmas season approaches, Dan Ryebeck (Ethan Erickson) is facing unemployment, and struggling to pay for the gifts he thinks will impress his two kids, Sally (Annie Thurman) and Joe (Griffin Cleveland). Always chasing a new business idea, Dan hasn't had time for family, including his wife Linda (Anne Dudek), who is finally fed up and filing divorce papers. Threatened by Linda's handsome and successful young boss, Trevor, Dan knows he must make this Christmas the best one yet to win his family back. But after auditioning for a mall Santa job and quickly losing his cool, Dan is frustrated and broke, blaming the holidays for his troubles. Little does he know his luck is about to turn around when the real Kris Kringle (Donovan Scott) pays him a visit from the North Pole. Deciding to take a vacation and leave Dan in charge, Kris sends his hard-working elf assistant Eddie (Sean Astin) to guide Dan as the new Santa Claus, hoping he'll learn a lesson in Christmas spirit. With the ... Written by rogue056

  • Scar the Martyr: Soul Disintegration

    Scar the Martyr: Soul Disintegration (2013)
    Video by Patrick McKenzie (Short and Music) Makeup Department

  • Neverland

    Neverland (2013)
    Film by Ruben Pallan (Short and Drama) Makeup Department

  • Hearts and Minds

    Hearts and Minds (2013)
    Film by Charlie Guillen (Short, Drama, Thriller and War) Makeup Department This is a film that focuses on a soldier returned from war. It examines the impact war has on the psyche while still using plot to carry the viewer through the story. It takes place in two time periods, past and present, until the two worlds merge into one. This is a story of war, psychology, and family. It talks about the very real social issue regarding the transition that soldiers make when they return from battle. Written by Anonymous

  • Where the Snails Live

    Where the Snails Live (2013)
    Film by Matthew Caponi (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Makeup Department After an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a depressed girl wanders into a fantastical world that she finds in her garden, where she learns to see things in a different way.

  • Cold Stone

    Cold Stone (2012)
    Film by Pablo Moline (Short, Drama and Mystery) Makeup Department A special agent, a dangerous assignment, a tense relationship, a starry eyed daughter, a missing father and a woman thrust into the role of motherhood. This is COLD STONE, anew short film by up and coming and innovative director Pablo Moline. Cold Stone is a suspense drama short film about a Special Agent who must make a decision about work, love , and finding her biological father. Written by Anonymous

  • Tears

    Tears (2012)
    Film by Billy Peake (Short, Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Makeup Department One in every one million Americans can heal with their tears. Victoria after finally escaping the facility with her best friend Derek, has to return to the facility that once again captured Derek for his gift. In her plight to rescue Derek from further torture she has to decide between saving millions or saving her friend. This is a thriller sci-fi film set in the late 50s in a world where tears cure all but their tortured donors. Written by Anonymous

  • Tragedy of a Mother and Son

    Tragedy of a Mother and Son (2012)
    Film by Romane Simon (Action, Drama and Family) Makeup Department This movie is about a young girl who hangs out with the wrong crowd. Her name is Jennifer. She was once an A student. Her association with the wrong crowd has caused her grades to decline. At the age of 5 Jennifer suffered a traumatic incident that rocked her to the core. After the untimely death of her father, she would never be the same. Five years later, Jennifer's mother decided to remarry, leaving her young daughter unhappy once again. This choice had unintended consequences and Jennifer spiraled out of control. This story has betrayal, vindictiveness, love and redemption. It reminds you that some choices made in the past can and will affect your future. Written by Romane simon


  • Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy (Santa Monica, CA)

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