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A female barber in town; finds herself doing her barber duties on a young impressionable male customer. She falls in love but discovers the customer to actually be an old man; with whom is covering his true identity.


A young girl being a fan of JESUS: and JESUS saving the world from sin


A young woman who suffers from schitzophrenia; sees her family as a threat; and her inanimate teddy bear the only thing she can trust; resulting in a horrific clash with her family.


A woman who has super-hearing; hears her life to be threatened by thieves on the way home from work. Afraid; she reports this to the police who don't believe her; and call her delusional. On the day she fears her death; she notices the power of super-strength protecting her for the first time.


three male fairies with blue wings go on an adventure to fight a ogre who dares terrify their kingdom.. Little do they know that the middle brother is half-ogre and becomes a threat  to his other brothers.


A poor woman struggling to live; finds herself hopeless and depressed in life - and wanting to give up. Whilst on her way on her grocery shopping trip; she meets a generous man who she discovers is a prince and he gives her the happily ever after she deserves


In a world of shock of a big earthquake; a large flat bubble acting as a force-field traps those in the town of SUNFOLK with the hope of protecting all civilians from the incoming quake. But the residents find out that the quake tail is a lie; breaking their very freedoms to live and work.


A woman; who worked hard to reach millions; is happy with life; and decides to help people. But when her fortune goes down to nothing due to being scammed; her hateful side comes out and becomes incredibly nasty to people..


A female rockstar who was a school bully in school notices her school at her concert. The victim is ready for revenge; wishing to destroy the rockstar's music career and reputation.


A woman who discovers she is a kid in an adult's body; must find her way back to her childhood state. 


PAULA a woman who has been treated poorly by people her whole life; develops an extreme fear of people; and can not stop shaking. Whilst seeking help form a counsellor for her condition; a  dramatic turn of events proves the true horrible person her counsellor really is.


An extremely smart female scientist creates a revolutionary scientific machine; but discovers it to be a weapon of mass destruction.

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