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A young mother, desperate to raise the money for a life saving operation for her daughter, seeks out a legendary get-a-way driver of whom it is said: "NEVER LEAVES A MAN BEHIND"

Help Save Humanity!

A police officer kills a powerful alien, and many Earthlings are infested by another. The second alien leader and the officer's future-timeline son hold grudges against the cop for murdering their dear ones.

Oasis' Requiem

In 1970’s England, a ten-year-old transgender girl and her paranoid thirteen-year-old brother move to London from Dungeness, concealing from their suspicious neighbours that they brutally murdered their father.

Fleeting Nirvana

A couple's idyllic morning dissolves into an eerie falsehood. 

Love Happens

A single mother takes a job as a house keeper and when she least expects it, love happens.

A Crying Shame

Citizens come to the aid of a Latino man and little girl when a cop asks for identification, but what happens next is a crying shame.


A seasoned sergeant tries to teach a rookie how to survive long enough to gain experience, but the cocky rookie will have to learn the hard way.

Too Late

A busy mother, trying to get what she wants, looses sight of what she has until it's too late.

five minutes

A mother leaves her kids in the car for what she believes will be five minutes, but gets distracted.

Cold Blood

To cover up his own involvement in the brutal murder of his boss' brother, a mob enforcer takes on the order to hunt down and kill the man suspected of the murder, a mysterious and elusive hitman known as The Nightingale.


A straight man struggles to find love, happiness, and a fulfilling career while being constantly mistaken for his gay hardcore pornstar twin brother.


While on a log cabin getaway with a group of old friends, a damaged former Marine, Ryan, and his best friend, Matt, rescue a young woman they find being hunted in the woods. However, something odd about the young woman leads those around her to develop a dangerous and uncontrollable obsession for her, causing them to turn on her and each other with disastrous results. Seemingly unaffected, Ryan, must struggle to overcome his past to protect and save the young woman until help arrives.

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