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In the 1940s a New England farm boy comes of age during the war, shouldering men’s work amid the blackouts, rationing, fears and patriotism only to see his world upended when the post war boom of the 1950s claims his family farm casting him adrift and once again testing his maturity. (based on a true story)


The West Coast murder and funeral of Daniel Coleman – the exiled son of the powerful Coleman family of New York – brings the members of a privileged and disconnected family face-to-face with a lost son’s resurrected and abundant life. 

The Education of Adam Fisher

Adam Fisher, handsome, successful and the envy of most men, declares that he's done with women, turning a routine boys' night out into a night that he and the guys will never forget.  

The Sun on my Face

Having settled in Queens N.Y. with his family and struggling to find a job, an Iraqi immigrant's life is forever changed through a chance encounter with a stranger. 

Scar Tissue

Five strangers, who share more than they will ever know, struggle with painful secrets and difficult choices in their search for emotional release or sweet revenge. 


Thinking himself the better Christian for making the Golden Rule his life's creed, a failed preacher's business success runs afoul of organized labor, threatening to expose him as the same religious hypocrite he so detests.

The Doll Train

When a sex trafficking organization attempts to obstruct an investigation, a prosecutor and her younger sister join forces to expose the conspiracy.


Matt, a genius and tycoon of a robotics corporation, suffers the loss of his wife and decides to isolate himself on an island. The corporation sends an android, Winie, to assess mental health. But he ends up falling in love with the machine causing a fatal outcome.


Neil, an ingenious geneticist, discovers that the corporation where he works clones big businessmen, politicians, movie stars, among others, to then be eliminated and replaced by their copies to keep them under the control of their interests. Everything to create a new world order.


Wioletta is a young woman who, involuntarily, gets involved in a world in conflict between a corporation that buys cities and a secret organization that confronts her, after being mistaken for Claire, a terrorist identical to her who stole information that harms them.


Wil builds a spaceship in the garage with the help of his father, after discovering a new and improved fuel formula. He manages to take off and leave the planet creating alarm in the governments that want this technology.

Dilemma in the Dandakaranya (Inspired from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream') (FEATURE)

Piraji invokes a tribal law that denies his daughter Sakhu to get married with Rukma, incidentally she runs away with Rukma in to the deep forest Dandawan, where the forest protector Mari-aai controls their fate by sending her daughter Pori with a magical flower, but ultimately it changes Mari-aai's fate completely.

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