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Guar & Peas

When a beloved personality's charity campaign ignites a bitter rivalry, titans clash in an ancient battle for territory.

Pod People

An abrasive pop star tortured by a secret past finds love, forgiveness, and healing through the humanness of a little girl hunted by the U.S.'s corporate-corrupted government for exploitable alien technology spliced into her DNA.


"A NEW WAR BETWEEN HUMANS BEYOND THE EARTH" Jonathan, a veteran police officer, able to see the future, after foreseeing the environmental catastrophe on planet earth, manages to escape from it along with millions of inhabitants thanks to a spaceship that had a Japanese scientist to save humanity. They arrive at Next Centauri where another group of humans, who had arrived before, deny them entry. Generating a new scenario for a confrontation of humanity.

The Treaty

Shy professor and beautiful Native American activist race a deadly corporation to find an old Indian treaty that may give a third of Colorado back to Native Americans. [Part 1 of a film trilogy or TV mini-series]

Luke Stone and the Secret of the Golden Buddha By Tom Stohlgren and Stanley N. Lozowski

When Nazi and Japanese spies plan to dive on a shipwreck off Ocean City, New Jersey in 1941, history professor Luke Stone is saddled with a strong-willed female rookie agent to prevent stolen Chinese treasures from falling into the wrong hands, again!

The Immaculate Secret

In a post-apocalyptic future, a reluctant mercenary and an enigmatic girl lead the last of humanity in a fight against an ancient evil, hell-bent on eradicating the human race.

Hawkeye Jet

An actor, a junkie, a thieving family, three Army Rangers and an eccentric drug lord all fight for a mysterious bag of super-strength pills in a small corn country town.

Princess Gwendolyn and the Shadow Clan

Princess Gwendolyn and the Shadow Clan- Princess Gwendolyn is captured by wanted criminal while out on a journey for her mother. With the help of a strange young man named Shadow, she escapes only to discover she is deep into criminal territory known as the Forbidden Region of her Kingdom. Can she get home safely with the help of this innocent stranger? Can she prevent the possibility of a civil war and end the vicious oppression of the area natives the criminals have done? What does Bannon, King of the Criminals intend to do?

Titania: The Fairy Princess

Titania: The Fairy Princess- When a fire sorceress (Cindy) steals a magical WMD from the fairy vault, a wingless Princess Titania must team up with a human fire sorcerer in order to stop Cindy from taking over the world. However, human and fairy relations are at best strained and with the murder of her parents by humans, can Titania work with a human at all? Will she find forgiveness, her wings and maybe even love while she saves the world? 


Three College Professors Discover a Map, which leads to a Chest containing Precious Coins and Artifacts from The Civil War Era. They travel to Stephens, Arkansas and recover it. Unknown to them, they also awaken an Evil Comanche Warrior named " Auttawahe" who is Hell bent on Hunting and Tracking them down for His Property. 

52 Genesis

Forced together, a Christian narcotics detective and an aimlessly withdrawn civilian have no choice but to fight against police corruption and an intolerant drug dealer's tactics, sinking a city into chaos.

Future Bowl

Set in 2061, when a cruel trillionaire owner of a professional football team forces his players to compete, an aging All-Pro quarterback fights back to expose him and his secret. THE HUNGER GAMES meets THE LAST BOY SCOUT.

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