Acting : 10 Ways to Show Up in Life by Caitlin Burt

Caitlin Burt

10 Ways to Show Up in Life

I'm at the theater several times a week putting on a show. It's my regular gig, and it can start to feel like routine, so I made a list of things to remember when you perform every day. We all perform every day, so this can be applied universally, because sometimes we need to remind ourselves how to show up. So remember: 1. It's constant practice - go at it like you're there to get better and don't phone it in. 2. You carry the show - act like your performance matters and it will. The top performers are the most responsible about it. 3. Everyone who sees you knows someone who can make it happen- never miss a chance to make a good impression. 4. Be unabashedly you- you only get one shot at it in life. 5. It's fun as all hell- if you aren't having fun, you may have some things to ponder. 6. I'm so into it nothing else exists but the stage- it's the inner game of tennis. Focus makes you powerful onstage and in life. 7. Paying customers. Give em a show- Someone is paying you, or they should be. Give 'em what they bargained for or more. 8. Capture the imagination. Unleash the laughter. Heal the spirit- in the end and in the beginning, it's about them. 9. Get all you can get out of every performance- there are those performers who give it their all every time- Hugh Jackman, Mark Wahlberg. These guys work super hard in their performances, and so should you. You'll have to watch it one day. 10. Play like you're playing for someone special to you. Dedicate it- make someone proud. Make your ancestors proud. I don't care. from the blog of Caitlin at

Amanda Toney

This is fantastic, thank you for sharing Caitlin!

Shannon Connor

Great piece!

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