Acting : A New Audition Style? What Do You Think? by Marcelo Dietrich

Marcelo Dietrich

A New Audition Style? What Do You Think?

My audition style is very different from a typical audition & I want to share it with you. While I am a writer, producer and director, I was and I am an actor 1st. It's important that I tell you that because I want you to know that I know what it's like to be on your side of the audition room. I know all of the tasks that actors must do; (new) headshots, (updated) resumes, getting familiar with the audition script if there is 1... and that's before you even arrive! Once at the audition, you might be greeted by a cold & distant person. When in the audition you're sometimes simply told "hit your mark and slate for the camera". If you're provided with someone to read with, often times they read the script without any energy to play off of! ... that kind of environment is not conducive to giving your best performance. As an actor, I need a relaxing, supportive & encouraging atmosphere to give my best performance. ... and that is what I provide. When you audition with me, there are no cameras, there isn't a large number of people you've never met sitting across the room. It will be you and I, perhaps another 1 of the producers and your scene partner that you will be paired with. We'll sit down, talk about the project(s), your acting experience & goals and then you'll act out the audition script. It's more like an exercise in acting than an audition. As an actor, in order for me to give my best performance, I need a relaxing, supportive and encouraging atmosphere and that is what I strive to provide for my actors. I'd like to share some of the feedback my audition style has received: "I too can attest to the comfort level and professional environment Marcelo creates for everyone auditioning." Jessica Martin "Thank YOU for having me come in for such a laid-back, fun audition." Pat Kaye "I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the audition." Barbara Walker McBain "That audition was really fun." Lauren Hall "I had a wonderful time at your audition, the great sensitivity you feel for fellow actors..." Anne Gentry "Thank you again for the fun audition." Alec Olson "I had a blast!" Britain Booda Bhattan "It was one of the best and less-stressful auditions I've had." Jenna McKenna "Honestly the most calm and non-stressful audition I've been to. I got to perform my best due to those circumstances! It was a blast..." Rochelle Reyes Rejano "Thank you Marcelo! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your audition style. It really allows actors the opportunity to showcase their best." Berkeley Taylor "The experience was of one of a kind. It truly means a lot." Robert Cordero Jr. "I think it's great. My daughter Sophia really enjoyed auditioning with you. She came home after the audition more relaxed than I've ever seen her!" Maria Fischer Bavishi "I want to say thank you again for the opportunity and that I appreciate your unique audition style. I just started a blog for mothers and creatives and would soon like to post an article of my experience with you!" Rochelle Rejano " Thanks for the wonderful audition experience Marcelo. It was a pleasure and an honor to participate." Mary Simmons I hope you all are well! I hope to collaborate with you! . Respectfully, Marcelo Dietrich

Marcelo Dietrich
Marcelo Dietrich
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Chris Connell

I like it :)

Marcelo Dietrich

Thank you, Mr. Conell!

Brian Thomas Wise

I would much rather audition that way!

Tegan Elyssa Harris

Wow. It sounds like a great way to have everyone auditioning at their best. I've been in front of panels and in cattle-markets but the best have been workshops. I think perhaps there are often too many applicants to give much time to each person.

Melody McLellan

Amazing! I would love for my son, Grant McLellan (a child actor) to have that kind of audition kids don't get anything different in auditions than adults, except for the CD's that tell every kid "That was awesome"...and they say it when every kid leaves the audition room.

Suzanne Bronson

It's like a theater audition

Marcelo Dietrich

Thank you, Mr. Wise! Wouldn't it be great if that became the standard audition style? Be well!

Marcelo Dietrich

Mrs. Harris, thank you! Based in the performances that I witnessed & some of the feedback from the actors, it is a great way to audition! I agree; "often too many applicants to give much time to each person". That could be remedied by the production to make more audition days & times available. As a filmmaker, that is 1 of my responsibilities as well. Thank you for your input!

Marcelo Dietrich

Mrs. McLellan, you bring up a great point! The way I audition children - actors under the age of 18 - is somewhat similar.

Marcelo Dietrich

Mrs. Bronson, you are exactly correct! It's funny you should type that as that's what I told the actors! Brilliant minds think alike, right?

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