Acting : A New Beginning! by Ryheem Johnson

Ryheem Johnson

A New Beginning!

Just put in my 3 week notice at my job as an Accountant to be able to pursue my dream, my passion, and my love for this industry. To me it's not taking "the risk", I'm simply stepping out on faith, taking a leap, and believing in my talent. With that being said, who's ready to work!?! I enjoy drama, and comedy roles the most from what I've gotten to experience. Would love to get myself involved in any other roles just to get my juices flowing... so to speak... I have a big personality, if that's alright to have anymore, and very open-minded.

Yeena Fisher

Hi, My name is Yeena Fisher. I am an actress, dancer, & a film maker. I am very happy to join Stage32. Looking to collaborate with other actors and work with directors/writers on upcoming feature films. Currently, I am working on a trailer for horror feature film.

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