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Bhavnisha Parmar

A way of life

A really interesting idea I have been pondering over for the past few days. I am very dedicated to my religion, Hinduism and have found that as an actor or even a creative I am a lot more centered and focused with my work because of it. Has anybody else found a positive connection with having a religion, movement or even spiritual culture to follow and the way it effects their work. Or in the same thought a hindering experience. It would be really great to hear how this life aspect really gets involved with the work you love.

Maisha Guy

I have found that when you get around others of faith, and respect for individualism it empowers you to continue in building your dream and passion. Feel free to join my FB group here

Bhavnisha Parmar

Totally agree Maisha!

James Holzrichter

Having a belief in a higher power has a similar effect as meditation. Hinduism has both of those. :)

Cathy Nerujen

My Dad is Hindu and my Mum is Thai Buddhist, so there is always a higher knowledge and wisdom. I was raised with both, plus a healthy amount of Christian belief, much of which I like and admire. We are all human, and even if we are not religious, we do all strive for something more than we are able to quite understand. Knowing that there is something more there makes us perhaps look for it more. And sometimes we find small parts or nuggets of it in the most amazing places.

Bhavnisha Parmar

You are right there, James! And Cathy, that is a really nice way of thinking about it. I have always found that my belief in something bigger than me has driven me to be the higher part of myself. It helps me to really create and even appreciate the positive energy and aura that we crave as an actor!

Elizabeth Bohorquez, RN, C.Ht

I have a different experience with organized seems to hold me back with all it's rules & judgments....I left the Catholic church many decades ago. Letting go of that...exploring my Inner Creative Self & connection to my Higher Self has taken me on a fantastic spiritual journey. While I've explored many other religions, I'm most comfortable looking, exploring, perhaps taking a few things away & living my life in knowing another route.

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