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Acting : Actor's video reel by Brandon Koots

Brandon Koots

Actor's video reel

I wanted to ask what should be put in a video reel for an actor. I can speak 4 languages and can do some Brooklyn accent. Can the reel just be a 1 minute long monologue?

Megen Musegades

No, you need to have a variety of scenes from different films. I would say a minimum of three at the very least.

Brandon Koots

thanks for answering. Thing is I don't have experience in short films.

Marie Pier Perreault

The best thing to do with actor reels is to be short and unique. Memorable. Which languages do you speak? One thing you could do is to pick four, well five short scene exerpts (of movies you love and feel comfortable acting) including your Brooklyn accent, and sort of melt them together. You start with one, and then you let go of that character to melt into the other one, and so on. And if you have some time, put subtitles when you speak the other languages, to show you really are saying what you're supposed to be saying (you never know if someone's watching speaks the language, so you want it to be accurate). Best of luck!

Brandon Koots

thanks a lot for the tip! I can speak Spanish, Dutch, English and of course my native language Papiamentu. But I won't use that one since barely anyone knows it.

Joe Bohn

Brandon, I made a separate post about this above because it keeps getting asked, but just in case you missed it, here it is again: The question keeps getting asked here what to put in your reel. I'll make this incredibly simple and straight forward. First, you need 3 reels. Each reel needs to be 90 seconds or less. Reel 1: Comedy. Your best charactery stuff. Funny, over the top, dry humor, deadpan. Variety, but all humor. Send this into comedy casting directors for comedic films. 2) Drama Reel: Nity gritty, tears, arguments, action moments, fights, stunts, etc. Again variety, but all dramatic. 3) Combo. You may not know what kind of film the reel is going to. So you need one that has the broadest spectrum showing the biggest range from comedy to action to hard drama. Keep it 90 seconds. Casting directors have a never ending stream of reels thrown at them daily. Keep it short. Let it be something they can review in a taxi, and elevator, on the toilet. If you can't show them how amazing you are in 90 seconds, you can't show them anything in 5 minutes. Additionally, don't get fancy. Transitions, and effects, and title cards...no. Are you an editor? No? So don't show me how awesome you can cut a reel. Just show me an amazing talent in the reel. Further questions? Feel free to inbox me.

Brandon Koots

thanks to all of you for answering! I think I will go with the 3 reel method. I actually first thought on doing a reel which is dramatic followed by a short monologue with me doing the Brooklyn accent. Which I don't really know what genre it is. But maybe I can put those 2 for the drama reel. And do you have any tips for where I can get comedic monologues? I mostly get dramatic ones on the Internet

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