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Trueasia Magnetic

Actress Looking for work

Hello Everyone!

I'm an actress looking to get some film credits on my resume. If you know of anyone that is holding auditions for student films, or independant projects I am most certainly interested. Currently in school doing getting my BA in Performing Arts Theatre with a Minor in film. So most of the work that I have done so far is theatre and I know I am ready to make the transition to act for the camera as well. Going into my Senior year and will be graduating in Fall of 2019. Oh yeah btw I am in Atlanta, GA where everything is happening. Please reach out to me. Thanks in advance I love this site!

Joleene Moody

Hi, Trueasia Magnetic . Of the 500k plus members here, a large majority are seeking work. :) Myself included! Most of the time, casting directors aren't looking through threads like this to find actors. Your best bet is to check the JOBS tab at the top of the page.

My next recommendation would be to participate in the conversations here regularly. Getting to know people organically is a great way to network and make authentic connections. Also, try to get to as many film festivals as possible. One of our members wrote a great post about this not too long ago:

Best to you - and we look forward to getting to know you better!

Vic Alexander

Hi Trueasia, call me, let's make a movie in Glendale or on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. 818-632-4336 my cell call me now or anytime. Vic Alexander

Constance York

I love Atlanta, find me a crew snd I'll find you a part. I'm on my 17th script. :) I'm in the Detroit area.

King D

Currently available for work

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