Acting : Actrice : realistic dream by Vanessa Bamba

Vanessa Bamba

Actrice : realistic dream

How Can i make it as an actrice ?

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Vanessa Bamba! We're having a similar discussion on this thread:

And I will pose the same question to you - how do you define "making it"?

Vanessa Bamba

Making it for me would bé having a lot of demande - as far as auditions being called all thé time and year After year

And also taking part in great projects: short films Plays TV feature films etc ..

Kinney Scott

post your script audition as extra or post for jobs on this site

Alun D Pughe

It's a tough business but there are definitely ways of improving your chances!

I always say that our industry is built on human connections and I think the accusation that we're very much nepotistic is very much based on this. There are so many talented folk in this biz that I very, very seldom choose to work with anybody that I don't think will be a joy to spend time with. So I recommend you work as hard as you can, learn what other crew members do so that you can appreciate why they may ask you to do things in a particular way and above all always be kind - your behaviour will be remembered. Good luck!


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