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Xan Aspero

Age of Acting

People say that at a certain age, like 35 and up, it's too late to pursue ones passion for acting and show biz, and impossible to make it. I don't agree with that. I mean, look at some like Harrison Ford. He scored his big role of Indiana Jones at 37, Samuel L. Jackson was like 46 when he hit it big with Pulp Fiction. Alec Guinness, 43, Bridge On The River Kwai, Morgan Freeman, 50, in Lean On Me, Driving Miss Daisy. My passion has been for a long time but it was the last 2 years that I put my heart into it. It's crazy to give in. I don't want to, I can't, I won't.

D Marcus

People who say that at a certain age, like 35 and up, it's too late to pursue ones passion for acting and show biz, and impossible to make it are fools.

Michelle Ruiz

The only people who say you cannot make it in this business after 35 are they themselves who are 35 and hadn't made it ! Xan TOO many people listen to TOO many people. That's the problem! Do not give up ever if this is what you want!

Simon © Simon

Kernel Sanders was 65 when he opened his first KFC

Denis Lybe

Persistence and determination alone, are omnipotent!!! Works for me, and I started in '69. Luck to all....

K Kalyanaraman

David Ogilvy, the father of organized advertising was 38 when he thought of entering the ad field, and began to write copy later.

Garrett Thierry

Never let other peoples opinions sway you from pursuing a dream!

Eliza Agudelo

Very good points, also notice most of them are men....very different, but I wont give up even when Im at that age too...

Marinda Van 't Hoff

You're never too old to follow your dream - Goodluck to you!!!

K Kalyanaraman

"I dreamed a dream" -thus sang Susan Boyle when she was 47, (a late bloomer in singing) to take the soprano to a greater pitch ! And no song can be more appropriate than this one, to live one's dream...

Adra Janean Fenstermaker

Agree Marinda!!!!

Eliza Agudelo

Well since everyone is so incredibly inspiring, if anyone lives in the los angeles area and would actually like to meet up for coffee and network and maybe help each other out.

Xan Aspero

If I lived in Los Angeles I would definitely meet up. If there is anyone in the New York City area interested in meeting up, we should make it happen.

Eliza Agudelo

Oh that would have been nice. Yes lets start forming groups all around the world to start projects...Sounds great.

Adra Janean Fenstermaker

Eliza - I love coffee and meeting new people :)

Eliza Agudelo

Awesome Adra. Lets meet up. I live in Sherman Oaks and usually avail after 3p and weekends. Let me know when you want to meet up. email me:

Garrett Thierry

My uncle Sebastian Twardosz lives in Sherman Oaks he teaches "The Insiders" course at USC and is a partner at Circus Road Films. Those with finished films look into Circus Road Films and connect with me to learn about getting into festivals and obtaining the best possible distribution for your finished product.

Eliza Agudelo

Oh how nice Garrett. Maybe your uncle and I will meet up someday. Its a small world Tinsel town...

Garrett Thierry

Eliza I am in the process of compiling all my footage to submit for representation and moving out there. My ETA is July.

Eliza Agudelo

How great congrats on the move. Lets keep in touch. Here's my email:

Bobbie Wigginton

I just turned 51 and having a blast .. :)

Amanda Toney

Hey Julia, you should post in the meetup section of the lounge!

Kyle Hester

if anyone tells you it is too late.....have them call me and I will tell them what they can do :) Never too late! Acting is becoming a character. last I heard, people live a very long time........ and so do the characters that are created. Just.......keep......going!!

Nicholas P Clark

I have had an International Business Career for 40 years, and only took up writing 5 years ago, now have 4 books completed and two others on the way, plus two scripts!! I feel like a 28 year old!!! (but the wife wont let me get one) LOL see my web page But I do find this business very shallow, although I was the first Westerner into Russia in 1990 so its never to late for anything.age is just a number

Gary Tucker

You are exactly right Xan! Not everyone can or will make it big like the stars you have mentioned. But the industry is huge and vast with different opportunities. There are numerous roles that required older ages. From a producer's stand point, most of the time it is better get an older, hopefully experienced, actor to play the age they know rather than a younger person. Younger actors will requite special types of make up and that means ( potentially) extra hires and extra budget money spent. Old folks won't ACT old because they already ARE, LOL! Don't let the weight of the big Apple get you down Xan, keep shinning!

Brandon de Vito

I think the fact that we place age as a defining factor on art is ludicrous. There is no time limit on passion or skill. I ran into an 85 year old man who wanted a role in one of my shows, and was new to acting. However, he had such unrivaled natural talent that I re-wrote a section of the script to allow myself to cast him. On opening night he said to me that a dream had come true for him. And I laughed. I told him that by gracing my show with his gifts, he had made a dream of mine come true. He had proven that there was no limit to what I could do in my lifetime. And for that, I was grateful.

David Bensley

Dream has no age. From 8 to 80, anybody can dream to have his or her goal.

Ron Christensen

I agree - age has worked to my advantage now.. I tried to get work as an actor just out of college. One pretty face in a sea of pretty faces. I took the corporate route and after 30+ years have returned to working on an acting career. My face and type are in a much smaller pool. I worked hard, auditioned for anything I could get, and booked a surprising amount of work, I also hooked up with a small group which has grown into a larger production group. They are responsible for me becoming SAG-E. They are concentrating on web series. I got an agent though someone who was AD on a non-union commercial. One caveat for those of you just starting out, do not put your age on the initial application for an IMDB page. I did and they won't remove it. I can play a range and my actual age means nothing.

Patrick Freeman

Wilford Brimley was 35 doing small uncredited roles. 41 before he got a credit on TV. He's now 81 and still working.

Stephen Anthony Bailey

That's ridiculous. Most actors don't start working steadily until they reach their 30s.

Paul Henry

What does it mean to make it? If you are working and happy with what you are doing that is success. Don't compare what you have and have done with what someone else has and has done. It will just discourage you.

Debbie Croysdale

Ageism is a cancer that exists very often in mainstream film studios, and very much so in the media. It's appalling that when doing late night shopping, at the till when paying, we are confronted with magazines showing celebs "who look their age without makeup." Luckily "Indie" is independent mind, aswell as Independent film. Talent is talent, whether 18 or 80. The only time an actor is too old to perform is when they are six feet under.

Regina Lee

For what it's worth, many of my actor friends say commercial acting work can pick up for adults over 35. You're old enough to be considered for all the funny mom, grumpy dad, or store manager roles that you were never old enough to play before. In any case, break a leg!!

Rick Yaeger

Your post reminded me of these two videos: …and…

Rick Yaeger

I'm referring to @Xan's original post.

Suzanne Bronson

God I hope not! I'm turning 40 in a couple of weeks and I hope I don't have to throw in the towel! I can't do my conventional job until I die.

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