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Cheryl Bullock


Hello. I am looking for a acting agent who doesn't need Spotlight. I have tried asking on Facebook but everyone on their are so up themselves and always trying to put me down. Can anyone suggest anyone who doesn't require Spotlight??

Thank you 


Cheryl Bullock - IMDb
Cheryl Bullock - IMDb
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Mark Heartford

as an actor you must be in spotlight , all casting agents , directors, producers use it and any agent who take you on without you beening spotlight to me would sound dodgy , and I am telling you this to help you , if you not in spotlight then forget about beening an actor,

Alexander Doddy

Definitely, do not "forget about being an actor"!

It can take a while to get on Spotlight. Look for smaller, professional theatre companies and indie films. For spotlight, these roles have to be professional and paid, so keep that in mind.

Do your research on what is happening in the east midlands and apply directly to productions and casting directors.

Mark Heartford

ok I was to hard by saying forget acting but the fact are to get pro work you have to be on spotlight and sure to get on there you have to do low no budget work to increase your acting CV ,but if you read what was asked acquiring and agent you do need to be on spotlight and if an agent takes you on without you being on spotlight I still look at as dodgy

Alexander Doddy

I agree with you there. If an agent takes you on without Spotlight either they think you are an exceptional talent, in a demographic that they need and so are willing to take a chance.... Or, as you say, the much more likely reason, is that there is something they want from you (typically money for their classes, portfolios etc...)

Allan Weslowsky

Where and how does an actor get on spotlight?

Alexander Doddy

Hey Allen,

Spotlight is the 'go-to' for British casting. You need 4 paid, professional credits in Film, TV or Stage in order to qualify.

Or to have gone to an accredited Drama School

The issue that tends to crop up, is that Spotlight has quite a tight hold of the industry. So you are stuck in the "can't get the credits without Spotlight" "can't get on spotlight without the credits"

Its far from impossible, just tough to get those credits elsewhere

Vasco Phillip de Sousa

There are agents listed in the actors and performers yearbook.

Also note the part on production companies. You don't need an agent to be an actor. Agents do not generally get you work, they generally negotiate your salary. You can sometimes contact production companies directly (production companies listed in the yearbook, and on "the knowledge", will often give a rules for applying for work on their website, or in the yearbook.) However, you want to make sure the production company is above board.

When we hired actors for our microbudget film, we didn't use spotlight. One of our cast members got an agent afterwards. Good luck.

Cheryl Bullock

Ok I have the yearbook. But most agents need Spotlight.

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