Acting : An honest discussion... by Sam Doyle

Sam Doyle

An honest discussion...

Hi folks, Ok, so I debated on whether to even post this or bring it up and ask , out of fear of some seeing it as 'desperate' or 'ignorant'. ..however , I thought about my father who always said "Don't bluff your way through something for the sake of embarrassment. If you don't know something, ask. They will come more near respecting you for your honesty and for speaking your mind. Be genuine". goes.. Not only am I relatively new to Canada , I am also relatively new to the acting industry. I started with live stage, had a hiatus for several years and after moving to Canada, got a small role on the History Channel's Military Channel Edge of War, which rekindled the fire. The unfortunate part of this is that as we were wrapping up Edge of War , they were cutting the tax credit , so now there is very little work in film , excluding the occasional commercial here and there. I've had pleasant discussions with other actors , both famous and local about this. Responses from both are similar "hmm,that's a tough one" , "take what you can get and hope more projects come back", "it will get better" etc... So my question I suppose is this - Should one start to look a little farther away for a role that interests them and hope for possible video auditions? (which would entail many other factors as well ; if you get a job,the cost/benefit ratio,expenses,etc.) or should one just continue as is, take whatever you can get and hope that something bigger/better comes along? Looking for a particular type of role in itself can be a challenge especially if there's not much work to begin with. Sam

Dave McCrea

Sam there are no rules, baby, this is SHOW BIZ. Submit for roles wherever, but remember that oftentimes producers want "local hires" and the marketplace is filled with actors that they can hire before you. A passive approach to whatever career you pursue is never a good idea in my opinion. You have to go after it. You mention "the fire", if it's a fire, then maybe you need to go to a place where there are more jobs?

Dan C. Corley

Sam...About what you noted on anther site... Paying to get cast is not a true role, but a bribe. I am pleased to see that you did not go along with this. As for me...I GET PAID...not the other way around

Tatom Pender

First of all, I adore your Dad's words. Secondly, you have to either be where the work is or create your own. As it was said before, they're looking for "local hires" to meet their budget. But who knows, every rule is breakable in this industry!

Brandon Koots

I'm not gonna say this comes along often, but I once submitted for a supporting role in a feature film which was going to be filmed in Arizona. And I lived in Curaçao (Caribbean). What I did was, I asked them if I could send a video audition. They let me and they really loved me. After that we had an interview on Skype which lasted about 2 hours.We talked about everything. They said it was between me and another guy in California. In the end, I suppose they chose the other guy. But thw Casting Director and the Director/Writer himself really loved me. But that's the acting industry. Even though they loved you, they may always choose someone else instead. So my point is, you can always try. Don't be afraid to ask.

Dan C. Corley

If it is a good role which pays well, I will hire on as a "LOCAL HIRE". If not....I ask for and usually get paid travel and accomoidations. Last time I got a trailer with bed, rest room, TV and kitchenette. All I really needed was the small fridge because I also got fed three times a day and could even get a bedtime snack from the catering trailer

Kathryn Gould

If you can travel, go for it. There are several actors I know here in Denver who work all over the country. But also look for people in the film industry where you are and start networking with them. Chances are there are quite a few people like you who don't want to move-- maybe you can collaborate on something together!

Sam Doyle

Thanks folks. That's kind of what I was thinking Katheryn-get into as much as I can here even if there's not a lot now but not be afraid to look farther at the same time. God gave me the passion for it, he'll open a door.

James Mapes

I've made a personal decision to travel anywhere and pay for it, if necessary. I am re- jump starting my film career and know work begets work.

Marco Fiorini

SAM...HOPE is a negatively charged word. A FAZZOL! Hope gives me an ego-pacifying out, a finger-pointing reasoning that exonerates me from the fact that the success or failure in my life is my, and my own, RESPONSIBILITY. I and I alone are the writer, director, actor, audience and producer of MY LIFE, and all the events, vicissitudes, confusions and conclusions that I'm PLAYING out in the acts and scenes of my life., I have created., not HOPE. Hope carries within it the HOPE of some miraculous intervention by an i-pod god.. WE don't need HOPE, Sam. Rid yourself of its seductive FAZOOL. Said the sage: " If your mind can conceive it, and your heart believe it, SAM, you, I and the rest of the universe can certainly achieve it.

James Mapes

Marco, well said.

Matthew Cornwell

I like Marco's post. Another perspective is that you are the CEO of "SAM DOYLE". You need to develop a plan to get in front of the buyers who will need your product. If you "hope something better comes along" you'll be waiting a long time. Sure, you can't control whether you get cast, but you can position yourself as a business, and build relationships in a way that makes your product more attractive. If the fire is truly rekindled, then you should have plenty of fuel to get proactive with your career. If you find it's too much effort to be "worth it", then you should probably relegate it to a hobby and focus yourself elsewhere to make a living.

Dan C. Corley

I guess I am one of the truly LUCKY actors in the film scene. I have done a total of 12 films, one TV pilot, a national commercial, and a recurring role in a TV mini-series as well as several parts on the legitimate theater stage. Finally at the point where I can actually turn down roles that do not suit me. Will have recurring role in a new TV series in 2015 and I didn't do anything to get it. They just called me and offered me the part. Thank heavens for a little name recognition. No more "CATTLE CALLS".

Sam Doyle

Congrats Mr.Corley. Most people think they always have the right answer. I just wanted diff opinions. In reality no one knows my situation no more than I know theirs. So they cannot honestly say "just do it","you're the only thing stopping yourself" an so on. My point was merely that right now there's no work going on here and some circumstances won't allow me to simply uproot my family and take off somewhere with absolutely NO guarantee of getting work anywhere else when I have a good career here (besides acting) ,until more film does get back here. That's why I wondered if a guy could do a vid aud farther out,maybe get a role that suits them,film and come back home. That's all.

Dan C. Corley

A wise move my friend. For over 2 years I rode rodeo and broke rough horses to make a living while I waited for something to happen, Finally got an agent because of a third rate indy that I had a short role in. Then another producer saw the short and it just kinda went from there. I am NOT a greedy person, I live in the mountains in a house (cabin) that I built myself and am 18 miles from the nearest town and a half mile from my nearest neighbor. I guess I got lucky ( I know it wasn't talent ot friends in the business). At any rate, me and my wife live very well on what most would consider a pittance (Less than $60,000 per year average) I raise my own vegatables and my own beef and pork and chicken. I am considered a success in films, by the industry, but I am much more of a success at just being happy and even putting meat on the table by hunting. I limit mysekf toi ONE film a year and this is the first time I will have to worl for eight weeks to shoot 13 episodes of this series.

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