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Monica Ramirez

Any Acting Courses in LA?

Hi everyone!! It feels great to be a part of this group. A little bit of myself, I have done acting in high school as an extra, sometimes I had short lines. And last year, I was also an extra in two short films, one as a high schooler and the other as an audience member. I did take an acting class back in community college; however, I want to take another acting class to improve the acting skills that can help me get a leading role in TV and Film. I would like to know if there are any good acting classes in Los Angeles? I live two hours away, so I'll plan to move there soon. Either in person or virtual would be okay.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Hey, Monica Ramirez! There are TONS of classes in LA. Are you looking to practice your scene work or shape up a monologue?

Also, as someone who started teaching at a very young age, I have to tell you - it's not what you learn, it is who you learn it from. So, consider visiting the location first before you dive in and buy a series of classes. At this early stage in your life/career, find someone that builds you up and makes you feel confident! That way, whatever you've recorded as part of the experience is your best work.

While you are looking for your in-person classes, definitely check out some of the webinars on Stage 32. I'm particularly fond of Alysia Reiner's "The Actor's Toolkit: Acting Techniques + Live Monologue Workshop": She was one of the actors from Orange is the New Black and such an inspiring teacher!

Monica Mansy

Hi, Monica Ramirez great question! I live in Houston and haven't been to class since the world shut down. I was looking into taking acting classes with Rachel Paulson (because she's just awesome!)... I had some unexpected stuff come up a couple months ago, but will be able to look into it again in a couple weeks.

Also, Kay, I took Alysia's webinar and it was AWESOME! I would highly recommend it as well and share your sentiments above.

Monica Ramirez

Hi ladies!! Thank you so much for your responses. I do need to practice memorization with monologues. Alysia's webinar sounds like a great workshop I should start on.

Vanessa Bamba

What is LA really like. Is it easier to break Into film and TV from there especially ? My dream is to live in LA one day.

Kinney Scott

i also took high school drama 1 and drama 2 lol cool welcome aboard and add your talent

Karen "Kay" Ross

Vanessa Bamba - no part of this industry is easy, no matter what city you're in. The advantage to LA is the numbers - you simply have more opportunities to be in front of the camera than in most other places. It depends on what else you do, though - if you are only TV, Vancouver is a good town, if you are TV and film, then Atlanta has boomed.

All that to be said, actors here work pretty frequently, provided you have a secondary skill (e.g. stunts, stunt coordination, Hair/MU, background acting, etc.). But again - that's the name of the game, no matter the city. I think it comes down to are you taking advantage of the opportunities.

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