Acting : Any Fellow Voice Actors Out There? by J.V. Martin

J.V. Martin

Any Fellow Voice Actors Out There?

I'm J.V. Martin, an LA-area voice actor with Atlas Talent. Stopping by to say hello, having just joined Stage 32.

Egypt Reale

Liam welcome

Jason Leech

Welcome!! I'm nowhere near LA but the craft is the same no matter where you call home and the world is getting smaller by the minute!

G.R. Barnett

I'm a voice actor in my own productions. ^_^;;;

Asraiya Deyo

I'm up late here working on a VO piece I was given to try and would love some advice! The casting call said they were looking for someone with rhythm and musicality and since I'm a strong dancer I replied. He plans to compose a music piece to go with it after the VO tracks are laid for it and so I was asked to practice at 94 BPM. I've been trying and there's parts that fit perfectly to the beat but other sections that don't seem to have the same pentameter or don't circle up as nicely as if they need to be bridge instead of a verse or chorus. I'm wondering how creative I should get with these kinds of pauses and breaks and patterns to fit it into the timing at the risk of losing some of the meaning or significance or causing less important detail to be enhanced while important stuff gets buried in repetitive sing songyness

J.V. Martin

Asraya, those are some unique specs. I really don't know how to advise you.

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